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February 2018

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By Peggy Howard Moore Being of African American descent has its disadvantages in our American society and culture, and especially in business. A lot has happened in the past fifty-three years since the pas­sage of the Civil Rights Act, but that was just the beginning, with revisions, laws,... Read More
By Nancy R. Hooyman As we gerontologists age, we increasingly rec­ognize that aging is personally as well as professionally salient—a realization that was im­possible to grasp fully when we were younger and first entering the field. In a special edition of The Gerontologist, in an... Read More
By Joan Ditzion, Phyllis Mitzen, and Connie Goldman In 2006, Connie Goldman, Martha Holstein, Phyllis Mitzen, and Joan Ditzion, longtime professionals in the field of aging and longtime members of the American Society on Aging (ASA), realized there was no place at the Aging in America (AiA)... Read More
By Toni Calasanti and Sadie Giles In her exploration of social justice, Nancy Fraser (2008) argues that “participatory parity” is critical, “overcoming injustice means dismantling institutionalized obstacles that prevent some people from participating on a par with others, as... Read More
By Robert B. Hudson and Judith G. Gonyea Older women’s place in public policy has usu­ally been delayed, derivative, and secondary. Their needs, when addressed, have often arisen in the context of another more pressing political concern, or as the result of some perceived gap or... Read More
By Martha B. Holstein I am honored to guest edit the Winter 2017-18 Generations, the first issue since 1980 that has been devoted to women and aging. I am also a proud old woman, who treasures the past and the life still to be lived. I don’t want to reinvent myself, but I do want to keep... Read More
The Winter 2017­–18 issue of Generations lays out the physical, psychological, cultural, and economic realities of aging as a woman in contemporary American society. In “On Being an Old Woman in Contemporary Society,” Guest Editor Martha B. Holstein is brutally honest in her... Read More
By Phil Stafford The other day, while exiting my pick-up at the little store down the road, a biker-friend noticed my bright chartreuse ASA NEST t-shirt. “What does NEST stand for?”, he inquired. I replied “It’s an interest group of ASA, my national association –... Read More
By Erin Long and Vijeth Iyengar The population of older adults age 65 and over in the United States continues to rise, projected, according to the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine’s 2016 Families Caring for an Aging America report, to reach an estimated 72.8... Read More
By Susan Mende America is aging--with a rising number of people over 65. It’s a trend that is growing--by 2060, the number of older Americans is expected to more than double, rising from 14.5 percent of the population to nearly 24 percent. We are not the only country experiencing this... Read More

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