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Developing leadership, knowledge, and skills to address the challenges and opportunities of a diverse aging society

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posted 10.21.2014
Here are 6 scary facts about aging and how ASA members are tackling them at the 2015 Aging in America Conference: Read More
posted 10.21.2014
Members of the American Society on Aging have a rich history of supporting students and emerging professionals.  Read More
posted 10.09.2014
Self-neglect among the elderly is a growing problem that commonly goes unreported, according to a new survey of elder care experts. Read More
posted 10.02.2014
This fall we are pleased to be able to bring lots of new opportunities for ASA members to earn free CEUs!  Read More
posted 09.25.2014
Most people who have a 401K or an IRA have little idea of where their money is invested. When you ask, “Where’s your retirement money?” They reply, “At the bank,” or “With my broker.” It is no wonder so many people are financially unprepared for retirement. Read More
posted 09.22.2014
Alford-Harkey and Haffner are helping to make the invisible visible and in doing so create supportive environments for bisexuals in both secular and religious settings. Read More
posted 09.22.2014
Most research on sexual minorities tends to lump together gay men and lesbians with bisexuals, contributing to so-called bi-invisibility. Bisexuals are often stigmatized in monosexual communities—by heterosexuals because of their homosexuality, and by the LGT community because of their... Read More
posted 09.22.2014
We love our binaries: Democrat or Republican; male or female; chocolate or vanilla; gay or straight. For many of us, our first concept of sexual orientation was that everyone was either heterosexual or gay … some of us used the “h” word—homosexual. Those who were attracted... Read More
posted 09.22.2014
The American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB) encourages, supports and assists research on and education about bisexuality, through programs likely to enhance the publics’ knowledge, awareness and understanding of bisexuality. Read More
posted 09.22.2014
It’s a truism among bisexuals that “coming out” is not a one-shot deal for us, but a constant process. On Facebook, “Relationship Status” is of great importance when it comes to the ways others judge and define us. For those of us who identify as bisexual, relationship... Read More