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posted 01.21.2015
Many of the ills facing older Americans today began years ago, when they were victims of age discrimination in the workplace, resulting in terminations and layoffs, chronic unemployment and, ultimately, a financially impoverished early retirement. Read More
posted 01.20.2015
Demographic changes forecasted in the doubling of the baby boomer population between 2012 and 2060 will challenge public administrators as cities plan how to provide sufficient services for older adults. This changing aging population will by necessity make local governments more aware of community... Read More
posted 01.20.2015
Fundamentally, the Church affirms the dignity and sanctity of each person, and in doing so, it is affirming the very best of aging policy. Though most controversial social issues do not impact the elder population, the significant issues are suffering and death. Does suffering have meaning? Can I... Read More
posted 01.20.2015
Racial disparity in stroke is more prominent in the southeastern region of the United States, in what has historically been known as the “stroke belt,” which comprises 11 states. Read More
posted 01.13.2015
Mentors draw on their experiences and skills to offer guidance, advice, and inspiration. But more importantly, they change how you think, they build your strengths, and you end up becoming a different person because of them. Read More
posted 01.13.2015
Here are four errors to avoid the next time you're writing a grant. Read More
posted 01.13.2015
You can lower the price of registration for the 2015 Aging in America Conference and win a $100 VISA card!  Read More
posted 01.12.2015
Mentorship, formal or informal, is not only fundamental to the development of an individual’s career, but also to the development of an individual as a professional. Both areas, career development and professional development, are constantly evolving and mentors play a huge role in providing... Read More
posted 01.05.2015
January is National Mentoring Month — a month set aside to focus attention on the need for mentors and the impact mentoring can have on the lives on young people. Members of the American Society on Aging have a long history of serving as mentors for up-and-coming professionals in the... Read More
posted 12.22.2014
The needs of family caregivers and the caregiving challenges facing the healthcare workforce in the face of the growing aging population raise big questions. Read More