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Are you Ready? Aging in America is Just a Week Away!
posted 03.04.2013

We’ve started the countdown to the 2013 Aging in America Conference! Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know as you get ready to head to Chicago…

Frequently Asked Questions
Where’s the conference registration desk? Plus a recorded web seminar featuring ASA staff to help you maximize your conference experience.

It’s Not Too Late to Register!
You can still register and attend Aging in America! You can register online until Monday, March 11 at noon PST and onsite at the conference registration desk at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.
Save 20% on onsite registration with discount code ONSITE20!

First-Time attendees
Check out the top five tips we received via social media from AiA conference veterans and our tips and information for first-time attendees.

Exhibit Hall
There’s a lot going on in the Exhibit Hall! With over a hundred booths, prize giveaways, grab ‘n’ go lunches and lots of networking opportunities, it’s definitely the place to be! (You can even get a chance to win a cruise for two to the Bahamas!)

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!
Stay connected, get conference updates, ask questions, participate in fun contests, and meet other attendees online!  Be sure to follow ASA on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Here’s everything you need to know about social media at Aging in America.

There are lots of opportunities to network with your colleagues at Aging in America.

Don’t forget to bring some gloves!
ASA has committed to a social responsibility project that will benefit older adults in the Chicago area. We hope that you can participate by bringing one pair of winter gloves with you when you travel to the conference. Click here to learn more about Caring Hands.

Students and Emerging Professionals
If you're a student or emerging professional, we have some special events just for you.

Book Your Hotel Room!
The block for the Aging in America Conference at the Hyatt Regency Chicago is almost sold out! If you haven't yet, book you room at the conference headquarters hotel now to get our group rate! Click here for more information about the hotel and traveling to Chicago.

ASA and MindAlert Awards
While you're at Aging in America, join us as we honor the recipients of the 2013 ASA Awards and the Metlife Foundation sponsored MindAlert Awards.

Have you signed up for CEUs?
You can earn up to 24.5 continuing education units at Aging in America. Click here to learn more.

Thank you!
To everyone attending, presenting, and exhibiting at Aging in America -- You are the people who make this conference great. We'd also like to acknowledge our volunteers who make the conference possible. And especially our sponsors for their commitment to improving the lives of older adults.

Still have a question?
Contact us by email or call (800) 537-9728

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