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posted 02.23.2015
Given the importance of upholding our basic liberties and the complex nature of capacity issues, it’s important to use standardized inquiry and documentation whenever a question of capacity arises. Read More
posted 02.09.2015
The field of pharmacy practice continues to evolve, and as a geriatric pharmacist I strive to be the steward of safe and appropriate medication use, ensuring that my patients (e.g., aging adults) do not fall victim to polypharmacy, inappropriate medication use and other medication-related problems. Read More
posted 02.09.2015
Training opportunities for work with the older population are abundant as the cohort grows. Programs include online training modules, weekend workshops, specialized courses within university curricula and postgraduate certificates. And there are programs in university schools of social work. Read More
posted 02.09.2015
With the aging of the Baby Boomers (among whom I count myself), a renewed emphasis on “aging in place” and the growing burden of long-term care on state Medicaid programs, the era of community health workers (CHWs) has arrived. CHWs have been engaged in population health in... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
At a time in our cultural development when household ownership of televisions stands at 96.7 percent and paid movie admissions account for tens of billions of dollars each year, one cannot underestimate the power of the moving image to entertain, educate and inform the public. There are countless... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
What happens when the statistic you need to report represents a challenge because it deals with a subject many in the media consider taboo? What if your story involves older people and sexuality? Read More
posted 02.09.2015
Love them or hate them, you have to admit that participation in online social sites can sometimes take you on tangents, catching you off-guard. My particular experience involved jumping from planning a knitting project to pondering the ways in which LGBT elders self-identify, and how the media can... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
GLBT elders have been called an invisible generation. A search of Google scholar using the terms “invisibility of GLBT elders” will show more than 2,000 journal articles referencing this phenomenon. Some older folks, especially those in the “pre-Stonewall” generation (those... Read More
posted 02.03.2015
The highest rate of business start-up activity is among people in the 55-to-64 age bracket. More than half of all U.S. small business owners were ages 50 and older in 2012—up from 46 percent in 2007. Further, Civic Ventures and the MetLife Foundation recently documented that more than 30... Read More
posted 01.20.2015
Demographic changes forecasted in the doubling of the baby boomer population between 2012 and 2060 will challenge public administrators as cities plan how to provide sufficient services for older adults. This changing aging population will by necessity make local governments more aware of community... Read More