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Developing leadership, knowledge, and skills to address the challenges and opportunities of a diverse aging society

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Monthly Archive (Aging Today Online)

posted 04.15.2014
How do technology trends and predictions impact older technology users? Read More
posted 03.04.2014
Health matters. So does nutrition. What should a quality nutrition program offer? Good food? Good friends? Improvement in how you feel? Help in staying home?  Read More
posted 03.04.2014
On the Catawba Indian reservation, outside Rock Hill, SC, there’s a friendly competition brewing among the elders at the tribally owned senior center as to whose squash or peas are the best. But in the end, taste and size diminish in importance as the produce harvested from the custom-built... Read More
posted 03.04.2014
Dance the tango. Learn to speak Spanish. There is ample evidence that participating in physical and cognitive fitness activities can mean a fitter, healthier aging process. To age is to live. To live is to change. If we live long enough, we are likely to experience decline, disease and frailty, no... Read More
posted 03.04.2014
According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 20 million Americans practice some form of meditation to achieve greater peace of mind and enhanced sense of well-being. Now studies of the neurological differences between meditators and non-meditators, and studies of immune cell aging via... Read More
posted 03.04.2014
For the past three years, the Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly (CLESE) has fostered and led Global Garden Refugee Training Farm, a new urban farm in Chicago where seventy-five refugee families, mostly from Bhutan and Burma, are growing food for themselves, earning supplemental income... Read More
posted 03.03.2014
The FORSA Council looks forward to seeing you in San Diego and hope that you can join us at some of the FORSA programs.  We are so pleased to be honoring Robert Weber with the Religion, Spirituality and Aging Award, in addition to our terrific line up of speakers for the FORSA Program.  Read More
posted 02.24.2014
The 2014 Aging in America Conference is coming closer and I hope that you can join us in San Diego. I am thrilled to present to you the program that the LEARN council designed, which will all take place on Thursday, March 13, under the sobriquet The Stars of their Lives: A Constellation of... Read More
posted 02.13.2014
For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, advance planning can be especially daunting, owing to often-complicated family relationships and a wish to involve chosen families in a system that oftentimes doesn’t recognize that structure.  Read More
posted 02.13.2014
Past experiences of discrimination by medical professionals may also lead some LGBT individuals to resist executing a healthcare directive out of fear that healthcare professionals won’t respect it. Read More