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Elder Abuse and the Elder Justice Movement in America
posted 10.04.2012

The Fall 2012 issue of ASA’s quarterly journal Generations is set to hit member mailboxes or can be purchased from our website this week.  

Called “Elder Abuse and the Elder Justice Movement in America,” and guest-edited by longtime elder justice champion Robert Blancato, it tackles elder abuse in all its guises—from physical to sexual to financial to neglect. It provides successful advocacy models designed to prevent and prosecute elder abuse, explains gains made by the elder justice movement and covers the federal response, including an article by U.S. Assistant Secretary for Aging Kathy Greenlee, a fervent elder advocate, as well as a call-to-arms by Senators Herb Kohl, Bernie Sanders and Richard Blumenthal. 

Renowned elder abuse expert Georgia Anetzberger details the current nature and scope of elder abuse in the United States; elder rights attorney M.T. Connolly talks about how our reluctance to address sexuality in elders it prevents us from seeing abuse; social worker Jeannie Beidler describes in excruciating detail how her own grandparents fell victim to abuse by a relative; and XinQi Dong describes the implications of cultural diversity on how we view elder abuse.

There are stories on detailed programs that work both within facilities to prevent abuse and on the outside to help those in the community. It’s an all-inclusive issue and a must-read for anyone serving elders. 

Take a Stand Against Elder Abuse
By  Kathy Greenlee
read on AgeBlog

Elder Abuse and the Elder Justice Movement
By Robert B. Blancato
read on AgeBlog

A Look at Elder Abuse in America

An Update on the Nature and Scope of Elder Abuse
By Georgia J. Anetzberger
read on AgeBlog

We Are Family: When Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Financial Exploitation Hit Home
By Jeannie Jennings Beidler
read on AgeBlog

A Family Systems Perspective of Elder Financial Abuse
By Sheri C. Gibson and Sara Honn Qualls

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Infamous Cases of Financial Exploitation
By Kerry R. Peck

Policy Implications of Recognizing that Caregiver Stress is Not the Primary Cause of Elder Abuse
By Bonnie Brandl and Jane A. Raymond

Culture Diversity and Elder Abuse: Implications for Research, Education, and Policy
By: XinQi Dong
read on AgeBlog

Taking Action Against Elder Abuse

The Sexual Revolution's Last Frontier: How Silence About Sex Undermines Health, Well-Being, and Safety in Old Age
By Marie-Therese Connolly, Risa Breckman, Jean Callahan, Mark Lacks, Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik, and Joy Solomon
read on AgeBlog

Sexual Abuse Happens in Healthcare Facilities—What Can Be Done to Prevent It?
By Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik and Pamela B. Teaster

Ombudsmen on the Front Line: Improving Quality of Care and Preventing Abuse in Nursing Homes
By Mark Miller

Creating an Elder Abuse Shelter: A Best-Practice Model for Nonprofit Nursing Homes
By Joy Solomon and Daniel A. Reingold

TheStates' Elder Abuse Victim Services: A System Still in Search of Support
By Kathleen M. Quinn and William F. Benson

Collaboration Is Essential: King County's Response to a Case of Elder Abuse and Exploitation
By Page Ulrey and Bonnie Brandl
read on AgeBlog

The Paradox of Adult Guardianship: A Solution to—and Source for—Elder Abuse
By Erica F. Wood

The Elder Justice Movement in America: Opportunities and Challenges

Elder Abuse and the Criminal Justice System: An Uncertain Future
By Candace J. Heisler

In Pursuit of a Useful Framework to Champion Elder Justice
By Lisa Nerenberg, Molly Davies, and Adria E. Navarro

Banding Together: The Work of a Joint Volunteer Committee Yields Much-Needed Resources on Elder Abuse Intervention
By Paula Mixson, Carol Dayton, and Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik

Advancing the Field: The Archstone Foundation Elder Abuse and Neglect Initiative
By Laura Rath

The National Center on Elder Abuse: Helping America's Elders to Live with Safety, Dignity, and Independence
By Elaine A. Chen, Mary S. Twomey, and Stephanie Ehittier Eliason

Elder Abuse: What Is the Federal Role?
By Senators Herb Kohl, Bernie Sanders, and Richard Blumenthal
read on AgeBlog

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