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NVL Partners Thank Rodney D. Williams
posted 12.20.2012

PCA’s New Ventures in Leadership (NVL) partners showed their appreciation to retiring PCA President Rodney D. Williams for “Brilliant Leadership” and dedication to the field of aging. Pictured are NVL alumni from 1998 through 2009.  The partners met with Rodney over tea and coffee to share thoughts on how his leadership has impacted them and the communities PCA serves.

“We chose the theme ‘Brilliant Leadership’  because Rodney has been described by a colleague as being ‘brilliant’ in his role as president and CEO of PCA,” said Lynda Pickett, PCA ombudsman manager and 2003 NVL partner.

In exploring what it means to be brilliant, the partners determined that ‘brilliant leadership’ is not reserved for those who have a high IQ. It encompasses the ability to build a team of smart people and effectively communicate a vision; give credit for a job well done; take risks; solve problems; and do the work. “Brilliant brilliant people shine a light beyond themselves,” said Lynda.

NVL alumni presented Rodney with a star on a crystal base to signify the legacy that he leaves and the NVL partners’ ongoing dedication to the PCA mission of serving older Philadelphians. Thanks to Rodney for his vision and investment in the NVL program and for allowing the partners to shine.

Holly Lange will succeed Rodney D. Williams as president upon his retirement in December.

At ASA, we are thankful to

At ASA, we are thankful to Rodney for promoting NVL and being a champion of the program. We look forward to Holly's leadership and continued light shone upon the NVL program through the Keystone Partners and PCA. 


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