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LGBT+ Older Adults: At-Risk for Inadequate Support and Social Isolation

posted 09.21.2018

By Jeanne Koller

Social isolation and inadequate support systems are trending topics in the field of aging, and unfortunately it seems that older adults in the LGBT+ community may be particularly at risk for both.

How CranioSacral Therapy Helps with Prevention and Reversal of Alzheimer’s Disease

posted 09.17.2018

By Michael Morgan

There has been an ongoing debate about the causes and prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease for decades. We know there is currently no known cure for Alzheimer’s, despite billions of dollars being spent to find a solution.

In A Country Divided, Who Votes—And Why?

posted 09.12.2018

By Kathy Sykes and Terri Lewinson

In 2018, Americans are sharply divided. The country and Congress are polarized over tax cuts for the wealthy, anti-immigration tactics and increases in mass school and police shootings. Furthermore, Supreme Court politics threaten anti-discrimination policies, as well as pro-union and pro-choice protections. As a result, Americans are unsettled and uncertain about the country’s future.

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Anticholinergics and Dementia: The Importance of Patient Education

posted 09.10.2018

By Noll Campbell, Craig A. Solid and Malaz Boustani

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Inside the September–October Issue of Aging Today

posted 09.04.2018

The September–October In Focus section of Aging Today tackles the older voter—how they voted in 2016, and what’s to be expected in 2018 and beyond.

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