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GLBT Education: The Elderly

Directory of online educational materials on LGBT issues on a site dedicated to preventing LGBT youth suicide. "The Elderly" page includes approximately 35 links to websites, articles, bibliographies and other resources on aging.

Old Hags and Sagging Bags: A Forum for Ancient Cross-Dressers

Newsletter for older cross-dressers and other transgender elders, part of Georgia Hibbert's personal website. As the title suggests, the tone is often humorous, but the site also includes serious articles on MTF life experiences.

Transgender Elders and SOFFAs: A Primer

A cultural competence primer on transgender aging issues for mental health and healthcare providers. Posted as a 22-page PDF on the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coaliton website. (Loree Cook-Daniels. Transgender Elders and SOFFAs: A Primer. 2002).

Planning for Later Life: Transgender People

An overview of financial, legal, health, caregiving, retirement and other key issues for transgender elders in England. Posted as a 29-page PDF. (Planning for Later Life: Transgender People. Age Concern England. January 2007).

Trans Health Project (Ontario, Canada)

An assessment of the health needs of transgender individuals in the Canadian province of Ontario; includes significant discussion of transgender elders.  Posted as a 56-page PDF.  (Susan Gapka & Rupert Raj. Trans Health Project. Ontario Public Health Asso

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center (New York City)

Callen-Lorde is a nonprofit health clinic serving LGBT people in New York City. The clinic's Senior Health Services program offers specialized care for LGBT older adults.

Aging in Transgender People: An Annotated Bibliography

Brief annotated bibliography of books, journal articles and websites dealing with health-related transgender aging issues. (Elroi Waszkiewicz. Aging in Transgender People: An Annotated Bibliography. Winter 2003).

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

An overview of the intersex conditions classed as androgen insensitivity syndrome, with an indication that one condition (Kennedy disease) generally appears in midlife. Posted as an uncredited article in Wikipedia, an encylopedia written by web users.

Is Your 'T' Written in Disappearing Ink? A Checklist for Transgender Inclusion

This  PDF fact sheet was written specifically for LGBT aging organizations and programs to help them measure how well they're actually including transgender people and issues in their work.

Quarterly online journal covering the broad range of health and fitness issues for transgender individuals. Frequently includes articles and resource listings on transgender aging.

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