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ASA STEP Group Pilots Mentoring Sessions and New Events at AiA15

posted 04.23.2015

By Isaac Taggart

ASA's Students and Emerging Professionals (STEP) Group is excited to report about the tremendous success of several new STEP sessions and events that were featured at AiA15!

Understanding the Meaning of Behaviors in Dementia

posted 04.20.2015

By Atul Sunny Luthra

Understanding the meaning of behaviors in dementia/neurocognitive disorder (D/NCD) is being proposed as an essential step in order to make substantive progress in developing pharmacological and behavioral interventions. Through my years of clinical work and research in the field of dementia, I have uncovered the “meaning” and “purpose” of behaviors in this patient population and have developed essential tools to help bring the understanding of behaviors into clinical practice.

Medicare through the Eyes of Beneficiaries: A Medicare & Medicaid at 50 Symposium to Be Held April 23, 2015

posted 04.15.2015

The National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) and the American Society on Aging (ASA) are collaborating to co-sponsor an event honoring the 50th anniversary of Medicare.

The Circles of Sexuality and Aging

posted 04.14.2015

By Terri Clark

Closeness, intimacy and touch are lifelong needs that do not get old, even when we do. We may be graying but our rainbows are still flickering, as our sexuality evolves and changes over our lifecycle. It is simply not true that when we are lighting dozens of candles on our birthday cake that we lose interest in sex or that our lives as sexual beings are over. Let me share with you some of the ways sexuality evolves and changes as we age, but is still very much a part of who we are until the day we die.

Sexuality, Intimacy and Aging: It’s Time to Talk!

posted 04.14.2015

By Peggy Brick

What is sexuality education and who needs it? Adults, of course! Questions from hundreds of my students, aged 50 to 90, are powerful evidence of the poignant concerns people have about sex and intimacy in mid and later life:

Satisfying Mature Gay Sexuality

posted 04.14.2015

By Brian B. Doyle

Few stereotypes of gay life are as persistent as that of the sexually starved older man. Gay life has traditionally centered on the young and the beautiful. This issue is a particularly hot one for gay men because regardless of age, they have a strong interest in sex. In the memorable phrase of one writer, “Sexuality isn’t what we do; it’s who we are.”

Sexual Health in Older Adulthood: Defining the Goals

posted 04.14.2015

By Maggie L. Syme

What does it mean to be sexually well or sexually healthy in later life? This question has not gotten much attention until recently, given the prevalence of stigmatic beliefs about aging sexuality and lack of understanding about aging sexuality. The reality is people express themselves sexually across the lifespan, and even though sexual scripts may change over time, sexual expression continues and it remains important in relationships and for overall well-being.

To Survive on This Shore

posted 04.14.2015

By Vanessa Fabbre

One important component of Dennis Dailey’s “Circles of Sexuality” is sexual identity, which incorporates biological gender, gender identity, gender role, and sexual orientation. As professionals in the field of aging, we know that these aspects of identity are dynamic throughout the life course, often taking on unique meanings in later life.

A Sweeping Vision for Justice in Aging

posted 04.09.2015

By Kevin Prindiville

The recent good news that Congress is providing first-time funding for the Elder Justice Act to prevent elder abuse provides hope that justice in aging is on the horizon. It also provides an opportunity for us to reflect upon what justice means for all of us as we age.

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