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Mental Health & Aging

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Mental Health

America’s aging baby boomer populace may be more familiar with psychology and psychiatry than was the Greatest Generation, but as a group they also have a penchant for misusing substances. Is there a way to ratchet back drug use as baby boomers age? It’s predicted that by 2025, the number of people ages 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease will increase 40 percent (to 7.1 million), with no cure on the horizon. Who’s doing what to fix or prevent Alzheimer’s? Are too many elders with dementia being medicated in nursing homes? What about cascading medications that cause delirium, dementia and other health complications? ASA’s membership community includes many professionals and clinicians with a psychology/psychiatry specialty and they regularly contribute their expertise to stories on the issues and trends in the mental health arena. 


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Mental Health and Aging Network: The Mental Health and Aging Network (MHAN) can help you with your professional development. Members of MHAN are dedicated to improving supportive interventions for older adults with mental health problems and for their caregivers.


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Since 2001, the MindAlert program has sponsored a Special Lecture by a well-known researcher in the field of mental fitness and aging. Following the lecture, ASA publishes a booklet containing the transcript of the lecture, as well as descriptions of the best-practices programs honored with the year's MindAlert Awards.

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MindAlert Award

Recognizing Innovations in Mental Fitness Programming for Older Adults

The Buddy Program ™ – Pairing First Year Medical Students and Persons with Early Stage Alzheimer’s

June 30, 2011 (Thursday)

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The Aging Mentally Ill: Recommendations for Clinicians Working with Older Patients with Serious Mental Illness

posted 06.02.2011
An estimated 70 million people will be age 65 or older by 2030 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). This number will include a large number of individuals with serious mental illnesses (SMI), with their increased longevity due to improved treatments and increased quality of life.
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Incorporating Key Components Into a Livable Community Ensures That it Will Meet Elders’ Mental Health Needs

posted 06.02.2011
In response to the unprecedented elder population growth, and the desire of many of them to age in their own homes and communities, a movement has emerged in towns and cities across the nation to equip communities with the services, opportunities and infrastructures they need to make their localities better places to grow old.   ...

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Aging: A Natural Monastery and a Time for ContemplAgeing

posted 06.02.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Forum on Aging, Religion & Spirituality (FORSA) By Robert L. Weber My career as a clinical psychologist has been and continues to be fulfilling. Nonetheless, during the past 10 years, I have become more aware of an inner necessity to weave the personal, spiritual dimension of my life more explicitly into my professional l...

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Some Caregiver Stress Resources

posted 05.26.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Mental Health & Aging Network (MHAN) By Anita Rosen Caregiving can be a stressful undertaking, whether by adult family members for elders or by older adults for spouses, adult children, siblings, friends and partners. Mental health and health professionals who work directly with these caregivers, or with those who have cont...

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Preparing to Care for Cognitively Impaired Elders: Preventing Compassion Fatigue in Family and Professional Caregivers

posted 05.26.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Mental Health & Aging Network (MHAN) By Lee Fraser What happens to the caregivers of dependent elders when the sustained stress burden of caregiving exceeds the ability to remain physically, psychologically, and or emotionally available to the care recipient? This phenomenon is the subjective, yet profoundly debilitating, e...

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Compassion Fatigue: A Broad Application to the Field of Aging from Clients to Practitioners

posted 05.26.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Mental Health & Aging Network (MHAN) By Nicole Batsch When I was asked to write this article about compassion fatigue, I vaguely knew of its identity and definition. From working for many years with caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease, I immediately focused on how I might apply the concept to be a better prac...

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