Aging Today Editorial Calendar

Volume 41 (2020) Calendar*

January–February 2020: Older People and the Power of Community (Includes 2020 Aging in America Conference preview) (Guest Editor: TBD)
Copy Deadline: 11/1/19
Ad Art Deadline: 11/25/19
Release Date: Week of 12/23/19

March–April 2020: An Update on Caregiving in America (Guest Editor: TBD)
Copy Deadline: 1/6/20
Ad Art Deadline: 1/27/20
Release Date: Week of 2/24/20\j

May–June 2020: Nursing Home Re-Boot (includes 2020 Aging in America Conference highlights) (Guest Editor: TBD)
Copy Deadline: 2/24/20
Ad Art Deadline: 3/23/20  
Release Date: Week of 4/20/20

July–August 2020: Technology and Aging (Guest Editor: TBD)
Copy Deadline: 5/1/20
Ad Art Deadline: 5/26/20
Release Date: Week of 6/22/20

September–October 2020: Transportation and Mobility (Guest Editor: TBD)
Copy Deadline: 7/1/20
Ad Art Deadline: 7/27/20
Release Date: Week of 8/24/20

November–December 2020: An Update on Brain Health (Guest Editor: TBD)
Copy Deadline: 9/1/20
Ad Art Deadline: 9/21/20
Release Date: Week of 10/19/20

*Note: Topics, deadlines and release dates are subject to change.

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