Posted 01.23.2020
    My therapist suggested my making a picture board, like the Dream Boards I’d created for future planning. Read More
    Posted 01.23.2020
    The Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program invites candidates with a strong commitment to health and aging issues, leadership potential, and interest in aging-relevant policy work to join the next class of Health and Aging Policy Fellows. Read More
    Posted 01.22.2020
    As music educators, both Lisa Lehmberg, Ph.D. and Liana Valente, DMA have focused their research on studying the physical, psychological and social benefits of music participation for older adults Read More
    Posted 01.21.2020
    Lifelong learning is now the norm. This is particularly true in the workplace where in order to stay current formal and informal skill building is an ongoing necessity. Read More
    Posted 01.10.2020
    Although in the U.S. the term is nowadays mainly used in regard to learning in older adulthood, lifelong learning emphasizes that humans learn in different contexts and forms over the entire life span. Read More
    Posted 01.09.2020
    Aging Today spoke with three Meals on Wheels delivery volunteers to discover why they choose to spend their spare time deliver­ing meals. Read More
    Posted 01.09.2020
    The January–February 2020 In Focus section of Aging Today contemplates what community really means, especially as people age into later life. Read More
    Posted 01.07.2020
    Trust for America’s Health found that many public health department staffs had no knowledge of organizations that were already assisting older adults with supportive services. Read More
    Posted 01.07.2020
    SMAA’s most notable lesson learned involves the need to prioritize which work is most impor­tant. Read More
    Posted 01.06.2020
    The importance of communicating health information cannot be overstated, especially as the US population ages and faces greater medical needs, sometimes accompanied by dementia, hearing loss, or other issues that affect comprehension. Read More