Posted 03.31.2020
    Though caregiving is demanding and draining, she reminds herself again that what she is doing for mom and Tom really matters. Read More
    Posted 03.30.2020
    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains a webpage with information on tips to avoid becoming a victim of any of the various coronavirus scams. Read More
    Posted 03.27.2020
    The Kiosk for Living Well program, developed and operated by Greater Lynn Senior Services (GLSS), is a mobile health education and engagement program that uses fun activities and a “one stop shop” approach to attract and sustain consumer interest in taking better care of their health and wellbeing. Read More
    Posted 03.26.2020
    The premise behind widespread sharing of information and implementation of prevention approaches is to ensure that our community is informed and that we can mitigate the risks associated with this infectious disease. Read More
    Posted 03.25.2020
    Many seniors already suffer from food insecurity, which could be made worse by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic. Read More
    Posted 03.25.2020
    The American Society on Aging has joined more than 270 other organizations in calling on Congress to include nonprofits in the stimulus package. Read More
    Posted 03.24.2020
    ASA’s work cannot stop during this difficult time, which is why we are offering Virtual AiA20—our online version of many of the sessions, workshops and meetings that would have taken place in Atlanta. Read More
    Posted 03.24.2020
    We all thought just a month ago that many of us would be together at the Aging in America conference. Read More
    Posted 03.23.2020
    This Q&A with Bob Blancato is the first in a series of leadership profiles we will feature in Aging Today and online at ASA’s AgeBlog in the coming months. Read More
    Posted 03.21.2020
    America’s charitable nonprofits and the people we serve face a precipitous decline in mission services at a time when our efforts are needed like never before by the most vulnerable in our communities.   Read More