Posted 10.07.2019
    The Fall 2019 issue of Generations focuses on the economic conditions of older people as they stay or reenter America’s workforce: Who can choose to work longer? What benefits are and will be available for those who cannot keep working? And how did this situation come to pass? Read More
    Posted 10.04.2019
    Around 30-50% of cancers are preventable and small changes in the diet can help. Read More
    Posted 09.24.2019
    Workforce shortages are already a challenge in much of the developed world. One solution is hiding in plain sight: hire and retain older adults. Read More
    Posted 09.24.2019
    Recent studies show that as many as half of Americans will live in a nursing home at some point in their lives, Read More
    Posted 09.23.2019
    The sad reality is that for too long guardianship abuse has been a hidden secret in this country. Read More
    Posted 09.23.2019
    What’s the longevity economy worth? Plus: California’s Master Plan for Aging, the guardianship debate, full disclosure at nursing homes and the soul of caregiving. Read More
    Posted 09.19.2019
    The Dignity in Aging Act would reauthorize the OAA for a five-year period. Notably, it includes an inflation-adjusted seven percent increase in funding for OAA programs in the first year, followed by a six percent increase in each of the four years that follow. Read More
    Posted 09.18.2019
    "ASA has very serious concerns that this rule change will make it almost impossible for older immigrant to pass the public charge test." Read More
    Posted 09.06.2019
    What can you do to prevent, identify, and treat malnutrition in the older adults you work with? Read More
    Posted 09.04.2019
    The significance of the Executive Order cannot be understated: at no time in the past has a Califor­nia governor committed leadership and resources to whole-scale systems planning to meet the needs of California’s aging population. Read More