en <a href="/blog/five-spiritual-practices-aging-well" hreflang="en">Five Spiritual Practices for Aging Well</a> By Lewis Richmond I often teach that Buddhism is about how to be truly happy, so I have been studying the new research field of “happiness studies… posted 05.14.2020 <a href="/blog/religious-roots-social-justice-and-aging" hreflang="en">Religious Roots, Social Justice and Aging</a> Don't miss FORSA Program Day on Tuesday, March 24 during the 2020 Aging in America Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The FORSA program is titled "… posted 03.06.2020 <a href="/blog/we-just-want-say-goodbye-long-term-care-residents-perspectives-death" hreflang="en">We Just Want to Say Goodbye: Long-term Care Residents’ Perspectives of Death</a> By Michelle Olson Spoiler Alert: Older people know that they are going to die. It’s no secret that aging and death are sensitive topics, but they… posted 02.09.2020 <a href="/blog/november-december-2019-issue-aging-today" hreflang="en">In the November–December 2019 issue of Aging Today:</a> The November–December 2019 In Focus section of Aging Today contains six articles that paint a rather bleak landscape of life for older adult veterans… posted 11.18.2019 <a href="/blog/power-spirit-empowering-grieving-family-and-professional-caregivers" hreflang="en">The Power of the Spirit: Empowering Grieving Family and Professional Caregivers </a> By Eboni Green In the book Trees: Reflections and Poems, Herman Hesse (1984) shares a poignant poem about the sacred life of trees. Hesse says that… posted 07.19.2019 <a href="/blog/financing-long-term-care-american-conundrum" hreflang="en">The Financing of Long-Term Care: An American Conundrum</a> Americans do not, generally, plan for their own very likely future need for long-term care, and the federal government has yet to offer a program… posted 04.16.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/wellness-and-well-being-its-all-about-connection" hreflang="en">Wellness and Well-Being—It’s All About Connection</a> By Chuck Gillespie When thinking about the terms wellness or well-being, multiple definitions come to mind. Wellness, according to the National… posted 03.25.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/older-americans-month-2019-connect-create-contribute-aging-america-conference" hreflang="en">Older Americans Month 2019: Connect, Create, Contribute at the Aging in America Conference</a>   By ASA’s 2018-2019 Healthcare and Aging Network (HAN) Leadership Council Each year, more and more older adults are making a positive impact in… posted 03.14.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/nc-baptists-embrace-disaster-preparedness-older-adults" hreflang="en">N.C. Baptists Embrace Disaster Preparedness for Older Adults</a> By Sandy C. Gregory The yellow shirts of disaster relief volunteers are a welcomed site after disasters in North Carolina and around the world.… posted 03.11.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/meaning-grit-and-gratitude-caregivers-spiritual-journey" hreflang="en">Of Meaning, Grit and Gratitude: A Caregiver’s Spiritual Journey</a> By Eboni Green Some would say you learn the most about yourself when persevering through adversity. That grit, a term that speaks to strength of… posted 01.25.2019 TyJohnson