en <a href="/blog/states-loosen-restrictions-lets-not-leave-older-adults-behind" hreflang="en">As States Loosen Restrictions, Let’s Not Leave Older Adults Behind </a> By Marie C. Gualtieri While many Americans are entering the first phase of loosened stay-at-home orders, there are homebound older adults for whom… posted 05.29.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/caring-older-people-amid-covid-19-crisis" hreflang="en">Caring for Older People Amid the COVID-19 Crisis</a> By Matt Gontarchick On May 21, the Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing entitled, “Caring for Seniors Amid the COVID-19 Crisis” during… posted 05.21.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/understanding-social-isolation-preview-upcoming-webinar-series" hreflang="en">Understanding Social Isolation: A Preview of the Upcoming Webinar Series</a> Editor's Note: This article previews a two-part webinar series sponsored by the AARP Foundation as part of Virtual AiA20. Register for Understanding… posted 05.12.2020 <a href="/blog/cms-takes-significant-step-forward-help-end-elder-malnutrition" hreflang="en">CMS Takes A Significant Step Forward to Help End Elder Malnutrition</a> By Bob Blancato Currently, up to one in two older adults is malnourished or at risk for malnutrition. Yet, mal­nutrition is not systematically… posted 05.11.2020 <a href="/blog/hill-greeks-value-age-america-could-learn-something-them" hreflang="en">From The Hill: The Greeks Value Age; America Could Learn Something From Them</a> Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt taken from an Op-Ed written by American Society on Aging CEO Peter Kaldes, which first appeared in The… posted 05.11.2020 <a href="/blog/ensuring-best-care-possible-future-nursing-home-residents" hreflang="en">Ensuring the Best Care Possible for Future Nursing Home Residents</a> By Ruth Katz It is time to bring nursing home quality assurance in the United States into the 21st century. The last evidence-based, scientifically… posted 05.08.2020 <a href="/blog/take-action-against-elder-mistreatment" hreflang="en">Take Action Against Elder Mistreatment!</a> Read the Spring 2020 Issue of Generations—for free! A good old age—one lived in well-being and dignity—should be possible for everyone. Not just for… posted 05.01.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/comprehensive-culture-change-can-transform-nursing-homes" hreflang="en">Comprehensive Culture Change Can Transform Nursing Homes</a> By Anne Montgomery Later in life, if you become functionally disabled or frail and it’s no longer easy to live at home, you may want to move to a… posted 05.01.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/older-workers-are-underrepresented-safe-jobs-covid-19-recession" hreflang="en">Older Workers Are Underrepresented In “Safe” Jobs in the COVID-19 Recession</a> By Aida Farmand and Teresa Ghilarducci The COVID-19 recession has changed the risks of working. Some people work in jobs at risk of short- and long-… posted 05.01.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/nursing-homes-best-care-possible-linked-best-life-possible" hreflang="en">In Nursing Homes, the 'Best Care Possible' is Linked to the 'Best Life Possible'</a> By Ann Wyatt and Tena Alonzo Those of us who have worked in the field of aging have long been concerned with how to provide the best care possible… posted 04.28.2020