en <a href="/blog/caring-older-people-amid-covid-19-crisis" hreflang="en">Caring for Older People Amid the COVID-19 Crisis</a> By Matt Gontarchick On May 21, the Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing entitled, “Caring for Seniors Amid the COVID-19 Crisis” during… posted 05.21.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/hill-greeks-value-age-america-could-learn-something-them" hreflang="en">From The Hill: The Greeks Value Age; America Could Learn Something From Them</a> Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt taken from an Op-Ed written by American Society on Aging CEO Peter Kaldes, which first appeared in The… posted 05.11.2020 <a href="/blog/take-action-against-elder-mistreatment" hreflang="en">Take Action Against Elder Mistreatment!</a> Read the Spring 2020 Issue of Generations—for free! A good old age—one lived in well-being and dignity—should be possible for everyone. Not just for… posted 05.01.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/comprehensive-culture-change-can-transform-nursing-homes" hreflang="en">Comprehensive Culture Change Can Transform Nursing Homes</a> By Anne Montgomery Later in life, if you become functionally disabled or frail and it’s no longer easy to live at home, you may want to move to a… posted 05.01.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/telehealth-west-healths-innovative-answer-providing-safe-home-eldercare" hreflang="en">​​​​​​​Telehealth? West Health’s Innovative Answer to Providing Safe, In-home Eldercare</a> Rudimentary forms of telemedicine have existed since the late 1950s, when two-way interactive television was used to transmit neurological exams… posted 04.26.2020 <a href="/blog/day-life-caregiver" hreflang="en">A Day in the Life of a Caregiver</a> By Elizabeth Miller Susie, age 59, has been the primary caregiver for our mom, Carole, age 83, for almost four years. Susie chose to be mom’s primary… posted 03.31.2020 <a href="/blog/march-april-2020-aging-today" hreflang="en">In the March–April 2020 Aging Today</a> The March–April 2020 In Focus section of Aging Today updates readers on caregiving—family caregivers, paid caregivers and the policies around both.… posted 03.13.2020 <a href="/blog/hopes-heroes-real-life-stories-millennial-caregivers" hreflang="en">Hope’s Heroes: Real-Life Stories From Millennial Caregivers</a> This past New Year’s Day, The SCAN Foundation honored family caregivers with a float in the 2020 Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., called “Hope’s… posted 03.11.2020 <a href="/blog/i-see-caregivers-when-will-i-see-policymakers" hreflang="en">I See Caregivers … When Will I See Policymakers?</a> By Donna Benton My lens for viewing film and television shifted in 2004 while watching an episode of “Sex and the City” in which Miranda sits on the… posted 03.09.2020 <a href="/blog/states-are-moving-prioritize-direct-care-workforce-and-its-immigrant-workers" hreflang="en">States Are Moving to Prioritize the Direct Care Workforce and Its Immigrant Workers</a> By Robert Espinoza Direct care workers provide daily support to millions of older adults and people with dis­abilities, yet these workers often leave… posted 03.09.2020