en <a href="/blog/three-faces-elder-abuse" hreflang="en">The Three Faces of Elder Abuse</a> By Jeff Scribner Each day over 10,000 baby-boomers turn 65. Of those who reach this milestone, 1 in 5 will be the victim of elder abuse. In almost 60… posted 07.15.2019 <a href="/blog/americas-long-term-care-conundrum" hreflang="en">America’s Long-Term-Care Conundrum</a> By Ruth Katz We humans live complicated and rich lives, but lives of hopeful perseverance nonetheless. We reside comfortably in stark dichotomy. We… posted 04.19.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/diversity-summit-highlights-equity-next-step-toward-equality" hreflang="en">Diversity Summit Highlights Equity as Next Step Toward Equality</a> By Ty Johnson The 2019 Diversity Summit, sponsored by Senior Service America, gave Aging in America Conference attendees a crash course in the… posted 04.18.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/financing-long-term-care-american-conundrum" hreflang="en">The Financing of Long-Term Care: An American Conundrum</a> Americans do not, generally, plan for their own very likely future need for long-term care, and the federal government has yet to offer a program… posted 04.16.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/wellness-and-well-being-its-all-about-connection" hreflang="en">Wellness and Well-Being—It’s All About Connection</a> By Chuck Gillespie When thinking about the terms wellness or well-being, multiple definitions come to mind. Wellness, according to the National… posted 03.25.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/older-americans-month-2019-connect-create-contribute-aging-america-conference" hreflang="en">Older Americans Month 2019: Connect, Create, Contribute at the Aging in America Conference</a>   By ASA’s 2018-2019 Healthcare and Aging Network (HAN) Leadership Council Each year, more and more older adults are making a positive impact in… posted 03.14.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/set-goal-make-time-be-determined-and-change-your-life-good" hreflang="en">Set a Goal, Make Time, Be Determined, and Change Your Life for Good</a> Health-related goals are indeed popular New Year’s resolutions. Most of us make a resolution to lose weight and exercise more. However, for many of… posted 02.26.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/politics-aging-and-diversity-moving-toward-majority-minority-nation" hreflang="en">The Politics of Aging and Diversity: Moving Toward a Majority-Minority Nation</a> By Juan Fernando Torres-Gil and Courtney Demko As the United States moves through the twenty-first century, it faces challenges that will test its… posted 02.22.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/politics-immigration-who-will-care-grandma" hreflang="en">The Politics of Immigration: Who Will Care for Grandma?</a> By Robyn I. Stone and Natasha Bryant Immigration policy has become a political “hot potato” since Donald Trump was elected. Al­­though this issue has… posted 02.22.2019 TyJohnson <a href="/blog/aia-highlight-importance-elder-justice" hreflang="en">AiA to Highlight the Importance of Elder Justice</a>   Elder mistreatment is a serious concern in our society, with research showing that one in 10 Americans 60 and older have experienced some form of… posted 02.07.2019 TyJohnson