en <a href="/blog/we-will-win-covid-19-battle-will-we-win-war-against-inequities-healthcare-older-adults" hreflang="en">We Will Win the COVID-19 Battle, But Will We Win the War Against Inequities in Healthcare for Older Adults?</a> By Thomas Eagen, Marie C. Gualtieri, Luming Li, Lisa O’Neill and Ivorie Stanley COVID-19 is a global pandemic, but it also represents a battle in the… posted 07.07.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/solitary-confinement-nursing-home-residents-worth-risk-infection" hreflang="en">Is Solitary Confinement for Nursing Home Residents Worth the Risk of Infection?</a> By Nancy Kusmaul, Angela Mattie, and Joanne Lynn  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the media has focused on numbers in nursing homes—numbers of cases,… posted 06.26.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/profiling-unsung-heroes-aps-staff-aging-services-volunteer-and-older-adults-sheltering-place" hreflang="en">Profiling the Unsung Heroes: APS Staff, Aging Services Volunteer, and Older Adults Sheltering in Place</a> There has been much written of the heroism of healthcare workers during the pandemic, and they are certainly to be lauded. But there’s less talk of… posted 06.26.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/better-healthcare-access-older-adults-facilities-covid-19-silver-lining" hreflang="en">Better healthcare access for older adults in facilities—a COVID-19 silver lining?</a> The COVID-19 pandemic, though truly tragic,has proven to be a great accelerator of how healthcare is received. Two years ago, San Diego’s West… posted 06.17.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/nursing-home-deaths-are-predictable" hreflang="en">Nursing Home Deaths Are Predictable</a> By Joanne Lynn and Terry Fulmer A large number of nursing home residents will die of COVID-19, and no one can change that fact. This is hard to take… posted 06.03.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/caring-older-people-amid-covid-19-crisis" hreflang="en">Caring for Older People Amid the COVID-19 Crisis</a> By Matt Gontarchick On May 21, the Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing entitled, “Caring for Seniors Amid the COVID-19 Crisis” during… posted 05.21.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/Policy-Support-Front-Lines" hreflang="en">Policy Support for Those on the Front Lines</a> By Ruth Katz Older residents in long-term care and the staff who serve them are under siege. They are getting sick—even dying—in unprecedented… posted 05.14.2020 <a href="/blog/cms-takes-significant-step-forward-help-end-elder-malnutrition" hreflang="en">CMS Takes A Significant Step Forward to Help End Elder Malnutrition</a> By Bob Blancato Currently, up to one in two older adults is malnourished or at risk for malnutrition. Yet, mal­nutrition is not systematically… posted 05.11.2020 <a href="/blog/ensuring-best-care-possible-future-nursing-home-residents" hreflang="en">Ensuring the Best Care Possible for Future Nursing Home Residents</a> By Ruth Katz It is time to bring nursing home quality assurance in the United States into the 21st century. The last evidence-based, scientifically… posted 05.08.2020 <a href="/blog/liveon-ny-responds-covid-19-crisis" hreflang="en">​​​​​​​LiveOn NY Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis</a> LiveOn NY is a membership-based organization representing 120 nonprofit members that run about 1,000 aging services programs across New York City’s… posted 05.06.2020