en <a href="/blog/american-tragedy-no-us-funding-elder-abuse-prevention-and-response" hreflang="en">An American Tragedy: No U.S. Funding for Elder Abuse Prevention and Response</a> Despite the horrific statistics around elder abuse and neglect—1 in 10 older adults is affected—the United States has not moved to fund elder abuse… posted 06.15.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/whats-wrong-picture-lets-reframe-elder-abuse" hreflang="en">What’s Wrong with This Picture? Let’s Reframe Elder Abuse</a> “I don’t want to think about that.” “It only happens in nursing homes.” These are common reactions when people are confronted with the subject of… posted 06.11.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/nursing-home-deaths-are-predictable" hreflang="en">Nursing Home Deaths Are Predictable</a> By Joanne Lynn and Terry Fulmer A large number of nursing home residents will die of COVID-19, and no one can change that fact. This is hard to take… posted 06.03.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/states-loosen-restrictions-lets-not-leave-older-adults-behind" hreflang="en">As States Loosen Restrictions, Let’s Not Leave Older Adults Behind </a> By Marie C. Gualtieri While many Americans are entering the first phase of loosened stay-at-home orders, there are homebound older adults for whom… posted 05.29.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/caring-older-people-amid-covid-19-crisis" hreflang="en">Caring for Older People Amid the COVID-19 Crisis</a> By Matt Gontarchick On May 21, the Senate Special Committee on Aging held a hearing entitled, “Caring for Seniors Amid the COVID-19 Crisis” during… posted 05.21.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/legislators-introduce-bill-protect-seniors-scams-during-pandemic" hreflang="en">Legislators Introduce Bill to Protect Seniors from Scams During Pandemic</a> This month ASA has joined the Elder Justice Coaltion, the National Adult Protective Services Association, and AARP in supporting the Protecting… posted 05.21.2020 <a href="/blog/mapping-gaps-new-model-shows-way-elder-abuse-prevention" hreflang="en">Mapping the Gaps: New Model Shows the Way to Elder Abuse Prevention</a> “I think [elder mistreatment] is one of those things that probably flies under the radar . . . I imagine it is probably more prevalent than what we… posted 05.12.2020 <a href="/blog/we-need-start-thinking-seriously-about-social-security" hreflang="en">We Need to Start Thinking Seriously About Social Security</a> By Beverly Rollins Last Fall I attended a meeting that featured a discussion with our County Executive, the leader of our County’s executive branch.… posted 05.11.2020 RLowe <a href="/blog/hill-greeks-value-age-america-could-learn-something-them" hreflang="en">From The Hill: The Greeks Value Age; America Could Learn Something From Them</a> Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt taken from an Op-Ed written by American Society on Aging CEO Peter Kaldes, which first appeared in The… posted 05.11.2020 <a href="/blog/help-prevent-scams-during-coronavirus-pandemic" hreflang="en">Help Prevent Scams During the Coronavirus Pandemic</a> Editor's Note: This article follows up on a joint webinar hosted between ASA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on April 8, 2020. A… posted 05.04.2020