en <a href="/blog/asa-joins-other-leaders-aging-demand-administration-senate-and-congress-act-now-covid-protect" hreflang="en">ASA joins other leaders in aging to demand the Administration, Senate and Congress act now on COVID to protect older adults</a>   The American Society on Aging joins Leading Age and other national aging organizations to urge the Administration, Senate and Congress to take… posted 08.05.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/future-proof-racial-disparities-and-racist-reactions-covid-19-plus-aiming-equity-navajo-nation" hreflang="en">Future Proof: Racial Disparities and Racist Reactions to COVID-19, Plus Aiming for Equity in the Navajo Nation</a> Larry Curley is the Executive Director of the National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Curley, who along with members of… posted 08.04.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/future-proof-where-research-meets-reality-african-american-elders-equality-equity-health" hreflang="en">Future Proof: Where Research Meets Reality: On African American Elders, Equality, Equity, Health, Environment, Alzheimer’s and the Pandemic</a> In this episode of Future Proof, Peter Kaldes, President and CEO of ASA, talks with Karen Lincoln, associate professor of Social Work and senior… posted 07.30.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/providing-value-they-have-earned-addressing-direct-care-worker-needs-through-pay-training" hreflang="en">Providing the Value They Have Earned: Addressing Direct Care Worker Needs Through Pay, Training, Innovation and Legislation</a> By Alison Hernandez, Cinnamon St. John, Laural Traylor and Lieke van Heumen During the past five months, COVID-19 has devastated our nation, claiming… posted 07.29.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/direct-care-work-real-work-its-time-we-see-it-way" hreflang="en">Direct Care Work Is Real Work. It’s Time We See it That Way</a> By Angelina Drake Most people don’t think about direct care workers until they need one, even as they hope that when they can no longer live… posted 07.22.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/help-make-grade-tell-educational-leaders-consider-older-adults-when-reopening-schools" hreflang="en">Help Make the Grade: Tell Educational Leaders to Consider Older Adults When Reopening Schools</a> By Peter Kaldes This fall is becoming increasingly fraught for parents and students as COVID-19 rates rise in multiple states across the country.… posted 07.21.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/future-proof-advancing-racial-social-justice-direct-care-workers" hreflang="en">Future Proof: Advancing Racial & Social Justice for Direct Care Workers</a> In this episode of Future Proof, Peter Kaldes talks with Robert Espinoza, Vice President of Policy for PHI, about issues of equity and justice and… posted 07.12.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/american-tragedy-no-us-funding-elder-abuse-prevention-and-response" hreflang="en">An American Tragedy: No U.S. Funding for Elder Abuse Prevention and Response</a> Despite the horrific statistics around elder abuse and neglect—1 in 10 older adults is affected—the United States has not moved to fund elder abuse… posted 06.15.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/whats-wrong-picture-lets-reframe-elder-abuse" hreflang="en">What’s Wrong with This Picture? Let’s Reframe Elder Abuse</a> “I don’t want to think about that.” “It only happens in nursing homes.” These are common reactions when people are confronted with the subject of… posted 06.11.2020 ASA Staff <a href="/blog/nursing-home-deaths-are-predictable" hreflang="en">Nursing Home Deaths Are Predictable</a> By Joanne Lynn and Terry Fulmer A large number of nursing home residents will die of COVID-19, and no one can change that fact. This is hard to take… posted 06.03.2020 RLowe