AgeBlog Articles from the 2017 Aging in America Conference

Each year we invite contributions to AgeBlog from members of the Aging in America Conference community who will be making a presentation at the conference. For 2017, we received a rich series of contributions covering issues ranging from use of acupuncture for pain remediation to the impact of aging on the workforce, and many other topics.

Below is a list of AgeBlog articles from 2017 Aging in America Conference presenters. 

You Can Make a Difference: Addressing Abuse in Later Life, by Bonnie Brandl

The Experiential Self and the Remembering Self, by Judy A. Cornish

Intergenerational Success Stories: Tech-Savy Millennial Volunteers in Aging, by Debby Dodds

Facilitating Purpose Beyond the Self in Older Adults, by Jim Emerman and Anne Colby

Cultural Awareness in Dementia Care—“Hal million oo dollar maaha baraka”, by Farhiya M. Farah

Introducing the National Center on Law and Elder Rights, by Fay Gordon

Respite Care: Because Caregivers Deserve a Break,by Joy Johnston

Practicing Words: Writing Activities to Strengthen Older Adult Communication, by Karen Sheriff LeVan

 The Beauty that Compels Us, by Holly Nelson-Becker

Maintaining Momentum While Minimizing Meds: Perceived Benefits of Long-Term Acupuncture, by Rachel Pagones

Be Vision Aware: Cutting Through the Confusion of Vision Rehabilitation Services, by Priscilla Rogers

Patient-Centered Medical Homes and the Care of Older Adults,by Robert Schreiber, David Dorr and Robyn Golden

Long Term Care Integration: Strategies Supporting Requirements in LTC Reform, by Janet Spinelli

Issues, Impacts, and the Implications of an Aging Workforce, by Jeffrey Tamburo

Vision Problems—Just Part of Aging, by Jeff Todd