AiA to Highlight the Importance of Elder Justice


Elder mistreatment is a serious concern in our society, with research showing that one in 10 Americans 60 and older have experienced some form of elder abuse. We also know that there are yet more cases that go unreported.

ASA has made it a part of our mission to illuminate elder mistreatment identification, intervention and prevention.

Many of the sessions at the 2019 Aging in America Conference (April 15-18 in New Orleans) will highlight the importance of elder justice and awareness of mistreatment. They will help you to build your knowledge, skills and commitment to this issue, including elder justice solutions, capacity, exploitation and more.


Some of the key sessions include:

Elder Justice Tools, Collaborations, Innovations and Trends

State Elder Justice Coalitions in the Driver's Seat: Advancing Public Policy Together

Great Minds Don't Think Alike: Brainstorming Solutions to Elder Abuse Dilemmas

Awakenings: How to Effectively Operate an Elder Victim Outreach Program

Self-Neglect: An Update on Elder Justice Innovation Grants Funded by Administration for Community Living

Working With First Responders: A Safety Net for Older Adults

The Opioid Epidemic, Older Adults and Elder Abuse

Guardianship and Exploitation: What You Need to Know

Elder Financial Exploitation and Fraud: New Trends in Detection, Prevention and Response

Scam Squad: Working in Community to Address Financial Exploitation Among Older Adults

Practical and Ethical Issues in Assessing Capacity and Incompetency

Be Fraud Smart: Combatting Money Transfer Scams

Elder Financial Protection Networks: Collaboration, Promising Practices and Outcomes

To see more sessions on this topic, click here and search by "elder abuse," "elder justice" and "law."

The conference also touches upon other key issues relevant to professionals who care about the well-being of older adults. It's a great opportunity to learn best practices and gain insights from leaders in the field about the current state of aging in America.  

Click here to visit the conference website, or you can view the conference announcement online.