en <a href="/blog/asa-seeking-president-ceo" hreflang="en">ASA Seeking President & CEO</a> The American Society on Aging (ASA), a professional membership association with more than 5,000 members, is the essential go-to resource to cultivate… posted 09.15.2019 <a href="/blog/easy-access-top-notch-education-asa-and-usc-offer-5-online-gerontology-courses" hreflang="en">Easy Access to Top-Notch Education: ASA and USC Offer 5 Online Gerontology Courses</a> ASA and the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, the oldest and largest school of its kind, continue their collaboration to offer a series of… posted 08.14.2019 <a href="/blog/zeroing-and-preventing-elder-mistreatment" hreflang="en">​​​​​​​Zeroing in on—and Preventing—Elder Mistreatment</a> Approximately 1 in 10 adults ages 60 and older have experienced some form of abuse or mistreatment—physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or… posted 08.14.2019 <a href="/blog/deeper-dive-elder-mistreatment-and-prevention" hreflang="en">A Deeper Dive into Elder Mistreatment and Prevention</a> ASA and USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology offer two five-week courses on elder mistreatment: “Elder Mistreatment: Understanding Abuse &amp;… posted 08.14.2019 <a href="/blog/get-grounded-fundamentals-gerontology-tells-all-about-aging" hreflang="en">Get Grounded! Fundamentals of Gerontology Tells All About Aging</a> “Fundamentals of Gerontology,” the first and longest running course in the online gerontology education series—a collaboration that began in 2015… posted 08.14.2019 <a href="/blog/older-adults-chronic-conditions-and-effective-condition-management-strategies" hreflang="en">Older Adults, Chronic Conditions and Effective Condition-Management Strategies</a> People now are living longer with both physical and mental chronic conditions such as hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or… posted 08.14.2019 <a href="/blog/virtual-reality-empathy-connection-illuminates-experience-aging" hreflang="en">The Virtual Reality-Empathy Connection Illuminates the Experience of Aging</a> By Jacqueline Lauder Professionals who work in aging services believe they have a firm grasp on the challenges related to aging. Yet despite what… posted 08.12.2019 <a href="/blog/senior-peer-counseling-depression-rural-communities" hreflang="en">Senior Peer Counseling for Depression in Rural Communities</a> By Rebecca M. Crabb, Patricia Areán and Brooke Hollister Senior peer counseling offers a promising and cost-effective means of addressing depression… posted 07.24.2019 <a href="/blog/inside-aging-rural-america-summer-issue-generations" hreflang="en">Inside “Aging in Rural America," the Summer Issue of Generations</a> The concept of rural is multi-dimensional, as it represents a small population across an immense land mass. Often overlooked as merely the “fly-over… posted 07.24.2019 <a href="/blog/power-spirit-empowering-grieving-family-and-professional-caregivers" hreflang="en">The Power of the Spirit: Empowering Grieving Family and Professional Caregivers </a> By Eboni Green In the book Trees: Reflections and Poems, Herman Hesse (1984) shares a poignant poem about the sacred life of trees. Hesse says that… posted 07.19.2019