From The Hill: The Greeks Value Age; America Could Learn Something From Them

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt taken from an Op-Ed written by American Society on Aging CEO Peter Kaldes, which first appeared in The Hill. Read the full article here.

If Americans valued the years in our age as we do the dollars in our bank accounts, would we have been better prepared?

Just look at Greece. Despite global ridicule for decades of poor economic management, it has so far prevented catastrophe, while having one of the highest populations of older adults in Europe.

In Greek society, elders and good health are equally valued. Happy Birthday wishes include “may you live to be 100,” and every meal begins with “to your health.” It’s easy to assume that these values have resulted, as of April 28, in only 2,534 confirmed cases and 136 deaths, one of the lowest counts in the European Union.

America could learn a lot from our Greek friends. ... (read more).