In the July–August 2019 issue of Aging Today:

The July–August 2019 In Focus section of Aging Today is a call to action to better protect older adults in the increasingly common events of natural disasters or other emergencies. Alonzo Plough launches the section, discussing the parameters of health security preparedness; Kathleen Votava describes an all-hazards preparedness approach to disaster prevention, management and response; April Naturale articulates the role of social workers in the aftermath of disasters; and Sara Jahnke posits that relying only upon first responders during emergencies may not be wise, and details the often traumatic effects emergency response personnel can sustain over time.

Also included this issue is an op-ed by Deborah Carr addressing the extreme longevity in America’s population and offering viable options, gleaned from other countries and states, for dealing with it. We profile the winner of ASA’s 2019 Award for Excellence in Multicultural Aging and describe a unique Colorado-based program that uses conectores (aka community organizers) to bring supports and services to older adults in community. And, in our ongoing column written by members of ASA’s Corps of Accomplished Professional constituency group (CAPs), Stephen Sapp explains how spirituality can help to restore purpose and self-worth, post-retirement.