A Letter from Bob Blancato 'To the ASA Family'

By Bob Blancato

We all thought just a month ago that many of us would be together at the Aging in America conference. I absolutely commend the Board of ASA for having the health and welfare of our members as the priority in cancelling the conference. I had so looked forward to getting the Hall of Fame award but I have committed (as I hope many of you will too) to being in San Diego for the 2021 AIA conference and accept the award. I also commend what Peter and the staff are doing to schedule virtual sessions throughout the year that were to be presented at the conference. This will maintain ASA’s commitment to being the critical resource it is to our field of aging.

Bob Blancato is president of Matz, Blancato and Associates—a consulting, coalition management, advocacy, communications services, public relations and lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. He serves as National Coordinator of the bipartisan 3,000-member Elder Justice Coalition and of the Defeat Malnutrition Today coalition and is the Executive Director of the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services programs.