In the March–April 2018 issue of Aging Today

The In Focus Section of the January–February 2018 issue of Aging Today takes on climate change, and its outsized impact on older adults, especially older women. How might we plan better for caregivers and their charges? Kathy Sykes lays out the most common scenarios with real life examples of elders caught up short; Lisa Brown explains why readiness is such a challenge and how to overcome it; and Adriana Perez clarifies why women are disproportionately affected.

In the opinion section, Elizabeth White details her experience being laid off at 55 and how she became a poster child for broke Baby Boomers; Kevin Prindiville warns readers why recent tax “reform” is just a prelude to bigger safety net cuts; and Jaia Peterson Lent gives readers a clear account of how grandparents are ending up raising kids from the opioid crisis, as well as what Congress could do to help them.