In the March–April 2019 issue of Aging Today

The March–April 2019 In Focus section of Aging Today reminds us of what it takes to live long and prosper—connectivity (three ways), exercise, properly used cannabis and precision medicine. Chuck Gillespie lays out the six dimensions of wellness; Katherine Kraft and Kathy Sykes detail a British program that gets neighbors out onto the streets to meet and connect; and Jessica Wong points out the most effective way to connect with elders—by putting down the phone. Plus there’s more on how exercise is medicine, and the pros, cons and future uses of precision medicine.

Also in this issue, ASA features a new column series, sponsored by AARP, called “Aging with Options”—the first installment, by Jana Lynott, explicates a new vision for person-centered transportation, known as universal mobility. ASA announces the 2019 ASA Awards, and profiles the winner of the Gloria Cavanaugh Excellence in Training and Education Award, which goes to the Money Smart for Older Adults award-winning program to prevent elder scamming and fraud.