In the May–June 2019 issue of Aging Today

The May–June 2019 In Focus section of Aging Today delves into the difference between social isolation and loneliness, for instance, Ashwin Kotwal and Carla Perissonotto detail the health effects, and Jennifer Dawn Carlson highlights how men can react to social isolation post-retirement. Other topics include the psychology of social isolation, why it is increasing among diverse elders, and how social connection can be the answer to isolation, but only if thoughtfully implemented.  

Also included this issue are two opinion pieces—one by Judith Garber and Shannon Brownlee on the scourge of overmedication and ways to help physicians become more aware of the practice, and another by SAGE CEO Michael Adams about sexual identity discrimination in CCRCs. Aging Today Senior Editor Alison Biggar profiles the Threshold Choir, a nationwide group that sings at the bedside of people who are dying, and ASA announces the 2019 Graduate Student Research Award and ASA Award winners. The AARP “Aging with Options” column in this issue describes its second major caregiving study, and the Corps of Accomplished Professionals (CAPs) column outlines the seven personality characteristics of highly effective consultants.