A Mini-MBA in the Longevity Economy

By Mary Furlong

We are grateful to be back at the Aging in American Conference this year with our 16th Annual What’s Next Boomer Business Summit! We are impressed each year as the American Society on Aging brings together a strong ecosystem of thought leaders who are innovating in the market. We believe the Boomer Summit is an important part of this ecosystem and provides an opportunity for conference attendees to earn a mini-MBA in the longevity economy. Tickets are still available here.

This year, we have assembled an amazing orchestra of talent – all experienced in investing in and growing business and programs for the longevity market. In the rehearsal calls with our speakers so far, we are learning that there must be a focus on the customer and their unique needs. We are thrilled to welcome some of the best and brightest speakers, including:

logo.pngThe longevity market reminds me a lot of the internet in 1998 – when teams came from different industries like television, software, radio and print to collaborate on innovation. Now, in the longevity market, health care providers play a key role in the market alongside community-based organizations, investors, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. An entrepreneur today needs to know how to sell into senior housing, home-care and healthcare and understand the different reimbursement systems of those sectors.

This year at the Boomer Summit, Mary Furlong and Associates is hosting the What’s Next Innovation Competition, sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs. The competition asks entrepreneurs and start-up companies to showcase how they can improve social connections and empower older adults to live engaging and purposeful lives using artificial intelligence and home-based digital voice assistants.

You can “skill-up” many places, but I promise if  you are looking for just one event that teaches you how to launch, grow, partner and exist a business in the longevity market, then the Boomer Summit on April 18th is for you!

Mary Furlong, Ed.D, MFA's president and CEO, is a leading authority on the longevity marketplace. She has guided the business development and marketing strategies of leading corporations, emerging companies, and nonprofit organizations for more than 30 years. Website: www.Maryfurlong.com Twitter: @maryfurlong