Posted 06.18.2019
    Despite mounting evidence that supports the integration of the medical and social models of care, the transition to a more comprehensive delivery system has not been simple or intuitive for either health plans or social service providers. Read More
    Posted 06.11.2019
    The demand for affordable housing for low-income older adults far exceeds the supply, resulting in long wait times. Many older adults never make it off the waiting list. Read More
    Posted 06.07.2019
    Most states have no state laws protecting LGBT people from discrimination. Read More
    Posted 06.07.2019
    While many patients ben­efit from taking multiple medications, polypharmacy also increases a person’s risk of suffering se­rious, sometimes life-threatening side effects. Read More
    Posted 06.07.2019
    In my research as a professor of sociology and government and author of the book “Citizen-Protec­tors: The Everyday Politics of Guns in an Age of Decline,” I have come to see how social isolation, loneliness and the demands of masculinity, plus aging, can form a deadly stew. Read More
    Posted 06.07.2019
    The 2019 Aging in America Conference in New Orleans made headlines this spring. Browse this list of aggregated content. Read More
    Posted 06.05.2019
    Older adults have surgery for many reasons. But do you know that elective surgeries can pose significant harm for older adults? Read More
    Posted 06.03.2019
    Families of people who are dying seek out the Threshold Choir via hospice agencies or word of mouth. Also, some Choir members visit nursing homes and sing to people there who are on hospice. Read More
    Posted 05.30.2019
    Sometimes we don’t like to hear about ideas for change, especially if it requires us to modify our behaviors or ways of thinking. Read More
    Posted 05.24.2019
    In the months ahead, ASA will announce the details of its search for a new CEO. The organization has established a Search Committee that will be led by ASA Board Chair-Elect Michael Adams. Read More