Posted 03.21.2019
    The term comes from the French verb retirer, which means to withdraw. The contemporary definition is not only to withdraw, but also to retreat, to go away or to remove oneself. Those are not exactly positive perspectives. Read More
    Posted 03.15.2019
    A study conducted by Investor Protection Trust found that nearly one in five Americans over the age of 65 has been a victim of financial fraud. Read More
    Posted 03.14.2019
    ASA’s Healthcare and Aging Network (HAN) Leadership Council will celebrate OAM by offering a special series of presentations at the 2019 Aging in America Conference. Read More
    Posted 03.12.2019
    The ASA awards program annually recognizes deserving individuals for their leadership and contributions to ASA and to the field of aging. Read More
    Posted 03.12.2019
    The Dementia-Inclusive Communities Initiative started with a grand vision to significantly move the needle toward a truly inclusive society for people living with dementia and their care partners. Read More
    Posted 03.11.2019
    Over the past several years as natural disasters have appeared to increase, NCBAM began to research how to help older adults be better prepared for emergencies. Read More
    Posted 03.11.2019
    A look at aging and wellness; universal mobility is transportation for all; and the 2019 ASA award winner lineup. Read More
    Posted 02.26.2019
    Despite public awareness campaigns and other efforts to get people to watch their weight, obesity has taken a significant toll on communities of color and low-income families. Read More
    Posted 02.25.2019
    ASA and Aging Today are pleased to debut a new column, “Aging with Options,” which is sponsored by the AARP Public Policy Institute Read More
    Posted 02.25.2019
    When the concept of managed care reached Illinois, Marta Pereyra realized that it was a unique chance to bring ethnic communities and health plans closer together, and let them get to know each other. Read More