Posted 07.27.2020
    The past few months have posed unprecedented challenges for lifelong learning. What follows is a description and assessment of an evolving, often chaotic situation, especially as it pertains to music. Read More
    Posted 07.24.2020
    There is a positive side to aging, and the general public gravitates toward a sense of hopefulness, but those of us who are deeply immersed in the field are willing to address life’s vicissitudes, to acknowledge the fragilities of living and to stress the importance of interconnectedness. Read More
    Posted 07.24.2020
    Given the economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unanticipated stay-at-home quarantine, many people are thinking hard about their chosen careers and what might be the best next step, given this unprecedented experience. While some may be forced into a new career due to the painfully… Read More
    Posted 07.23.2020
    In this episode of Future Proof, Denny Chan, senior staff attorney at Justice in Aging, addresses civil rights for older adults and how the heterogeneity of this population means paying attention to the intersection between age and other protected identities. Read More
    Posted 07.22.2020
    Most people don’t think about direct care workers until they need one, even as they hope that when they can no longer live independently, a compassionate, qualified professional will be there when family cannot. A new report explores how direct care work is poorly understood and underestimated,… Read More
    Posted 07.22.2020
    New app, designed by two college Northwestern University college students, streamlines communication between families of older adults and their caregivers, or between family members. Read More
    Posted 07.21.2020
    As schools and communities around the country grapple with the question of whether or not to open for in-person learning in the fall, we thought we’d check in with a family, and recently spoke with members of a multigenerational household in North Carolina. Camerina Nava Gutierrez has lived with… Read More
    Posted 07.21.2020
    As members of communities that are struggling with school reopenings, you are a critical voice for all the older adults you serve. Tell your superintendents and elected officials that older adults must be considered when reopening schools.  Read More
    Posted 07.18.2020
    "There is just something about those who go into this field: we are a special, unique, driven and passionate group, and so committed to making things better for older adults, and to making the world a better place." -Robyn Golden Read More
    Posted 07.17.2020
    Authors Ken Dychtwald and Robert Morison join ASA's CEO Peter Kaldes to discuss their new book, What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age. Read More