Posted 07.17.2020
    The Network Operations Learning Collaborative (NetOps LC) provides community-based integrated care networks and network lead entities with the knowledge and skills to build and strengthen their networks’ operations, infrastructure and sustainability, in order to deliver home and community-based… Read More
    Posted 07.17.2020
    Nearly one of every two older Americans is malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. Disease-associated malnutrition in older adults is estimated to cost nearly $53 billion annually. With the release of the National Blueprint, a broad group of advocates presents an updated roadmap for continuing… Read More
    Posted 07.14.2020
    ASA is committed to uplifting the voices and experiences of BIPOC community members, so we are excited to announce a new series, Voices on Caregiving. I Read More
    Posted 07.12.2020
    In this episode of Future Proof, Peter Kaldes talks with Robert Espinoza, Vice President of Policy for PHI, about issues of equity and justice and how they intersect with the work he does in advocating for the direct care workforce and pushing policy change in long-term care. Read More
    Posted 07.11.2020
    A memory café, sometimes called an Alzheimer’scafé, can be a wonderful component in a dementia-friendly community. A memory caféis a social gatheringspotfor individuals living with dementia, along with their family and friends, and professional care providers (if they have one). Read More
    Posted 07.11.2020
    "There’s an opportunity to infuse a level of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in our field, and we should be unapologetic in our commitment to ensure that every person can live a life of dignity and purpose as they age. " Read More
    Posted 07.09.2020
    Knowing a person’s life story humanizes them in a way that superficial everyday encounters may not. This is the simple but effective concept behind MemoryWell, a national network of more than 700 writers who draft the life stories of older adults to help improve the care they receive, especially in… Read More
    Posted 07.08.2020
    On behalf of the Social Security Administration (SSA), we want to let you know that during the current coronavirus pandemic, SSA continues to provide help to you and others in your community.  Read More
    Posted 07.08.2020
    The story of aging and HIV is one no one expected to tell. Both sides of the care coin (aging and HIV/AIDS services) need to learn from each other. Read More
    Posted 07.07.2020
    COVID-19 has highlighted our health system’s shortfalls, but it has also galvanized policymakers into action to achieve meaningful change. Thoughtful policy recommendations must address underlying community-level factors that promote social and health disparities.  Read More