Posted 05.07.2019
    Through new care-delivery models, the affordable housing setting can address both the health and LTSS needs of low-income older adults. Read More
    Posted 04.30.2019
    he Public Policy Committee has a number of resources coming soon to provide inspiration and tips for advocacy for older adults in your communities. Read More
    Posted 04.30.2019
    What challenges do African Americans face when seeking long-term care, and what policy changes can help ameliorate them? Read More
    Posted 04.24.2019
    What might new delivery models—ones that better integrate care—look like? Read More
    Posted 04.24.2019
    The need for LTSS is on the rise, despite a disjointed, hard-to-navigate, and costly LTSS system. Read More
    Posted 04.19.2019
    Why won’t Americans, who are living longer lives, plan for their long-term care? And where are the policies for financing it? Read More
    Posted 04.18.2019
    The 2019 Diversity Summit, sponsored by Senior Service America, gave Aging in America Conference attendees a crash course in the challenges minority populations are facing as they age, as well as how even the most well-meaning efforts to bring about equality can fall short if there isn’t… Read More
    Posted 04.17.2019
    "Oral health is similarly important to diet and nutrition. It’s also a key element in socialization. It’s a key element in intimacy. Our self-perception is intimately tied to oral health." Read More
    Posted 04.16.2019
    What lies ahead for the burgeoning population of older adults that will need long-term care? Read More
    Posted 04.16.2019
    West Health President Tim Lash and Mike Ellrich of Gallup presented highly anticipated findings that showed older adults are generally anxious over the expense of care. Read More