Posted 12.10.2018
    Aging Today’s end-of-year 2018 In Focus section, “Global Aging and the Future of the World Community,” is prescient as it is the perfect set-up to 2019, which heralds the tipping point for the mega-trend of population aging. Read More
    Posted 12.04.2018
    Nearly 30% of people over the age of 65 are living alone and the likelihood of living alone only increases with age. Read More
    Posted 11.30.2018
    Engaging the family members of an older patient as care partners helps healthcare professionals improve quality of care. Read More
    Posted 11.30.2018
    At the age of 63 when I was fraught with the challenges of growing old in our ageist, dysfunctional society, I vowed to transform myself from victim to explorer. Read More
    Posted 11.30.2018
    Rituals help bring meaning to life because they help sanctify time. Read More
    Posted 11.26.2018
    The 2018 Gloria Cavanaugh Award for Excellence in Training and Education is presented annually to an individual or organization demonstrating continued excellence in training and education in the field of aging. Read More
    Posted 11.26.2018
    Grannies Respond—also known as Abuelas Responden—started up this past June, sparked by a an idea from activist Dan Aymar-Blair, 43, who wondered via social media what would happen if a group of grandmothers met at the U.S. southern border to protest the govern­ment’s family separation policy. Read More
    Posted 11.19.2018
    The in­crease in older prisoners is attributed to longer sentences, increases in time served and growth in admissions of older offenders. Read More
    Posted 11.15.2018
    Judson Senior Living in Cleveland, Ohio, and Collington, a CCRC outside of Washington, D.C., are just two adult residential communities offering a limited number of nearby college and university students free room and board in exchange for engaging with older residents, and, in some cases, acting… Read More
    Posted 11.13.2018
    Ten thousand Boomers turn 65 every day in America, and their average life expectancy will be roughly 10 years longer than their parents. Read More