Posted 05.21.2020
    The Protecting Seniors from Emergency Scams Act is endorsed by AARP; the Elder Justice Coalition; American Society on Aging; and the National Adult Protective Services Association. Read More
    Posted 05.21.2020
    The unprecedented scale of Skyline’s collapse brought attention to the long-standing issue of who owns and who manages facilities and whether they are qualified and competent to do so. Read More
    Posted 05.20.2020
    "Why did you not tell anyone after discovering that you had been defrauded?” The answer was eerily consistent. “I would rather lose that money than run the risk of being placed into a nursing home.” Read More
    Posted 05.19.2020
    Fighting elder abuse and mistreatment—especially amid the current pandemic’s stringent shelter-in-place rules—should be a major public health priority. Read More
    Posted 05.14.2020
    The direct care staffing shortage, already at crisis levels, is now a full-fledged emergency. There’s not enough personal protective equipment and not enough testing. Read More
    Posted 05.14.2020
    Researchers have found three factors that reliably increase happiness as we grow older — gratitude, generosity and reframing. Read More
    Posted 05.13.2020
    Teepa Snow, an occupational therapist with 40 years of clinical practice experience, is a world-renowned leader in educating others about dementia and caring for individuals who have it. Read More
    Posted 05.12.2020
    The Spring 2020 issue of Generations, “Taking Action Against Elder Mistreatment,” features the article, “Connecting Community-Based Resources and Health Systems to Keep Older Adults Safe,” by Kristin Lees Haggerty, Alice Bonner, and Debi Lang. Read More
    Posted 05.12.2020
    AARP Foundation is leading a movement to end social isolation for older adults and technology plays a large part. Read More
    Posted 05.11.2020
    The truth is this: the Social Security Old Age and Survivors Trust Fund is forecasted to be exhausted by 2034. This is real, and it’s a problem we need to address. Read More