Posted 05.11.2020
    The time has come for CMS to take the next step and approve malnutrition clinical quality measures in its hospital quality programs. Read More
    Posted 05.11.2020
    In the United States, people ages 50 and older already contribute $8.3 trillion in economic activity, which will more than triple to $28.2 trillion by 2050. Read More
    Posted 05.11.2020
    "Greece has so far prevented catastrophe while having one of the highest populations of older adults in Europe." Read More
    Posted 05.10.2020
    With funding from ACL, the Business Institute at n4a launched a new Network Operations Learing Collaborative to deliver home- and community-based services through contracts with healthcare entities. Read More
    Posted 05.09.2020
    Many women ages 50 and older who earn low-to-moderate income still lack safe and affordable housing, food and job security, sufficient emergency and retirement savings and robust social connec­tions. Read More
    Posted 05.08.2020
    It is time to bring nursing home quality assurance in the United States into the 21st century. Read More
    Posted 05.07.2020
    This following Q&A with Jeanette Takamura is one in a series of leadership profiles we will feature in Aging Today and online at ASA’s AgeBlog in the coming months. Read More
    Posted 05.06.2020
    Although generally LiveOn NY is not in the business of direct meal delivery, they have partnered with organizations that provided privately paid-for meals, and the partnership now facilitates the delivery of 50,000 meals per week and counting. Read More
    Posted 05.05.2020
    An estimated 1 in 10 older adults in America and across the globe are affected by elder mistreatment. Read More
    Posted 05.04.2020
    Older adults may be interacting less often with others due to social distancing, increasing the risk of financial fraud and making it difficult to prevent, recognize and report. Read More