Posted 07.17.2018
    The shrinking of newsrooms has meant fewer people dedicated to covering older adults and issues that affect them. Read More
    Posted 07.17.2018
    The In Focus Section of the July–August 2018 issue of Aging Today addresses the media and how it covers aging—from Jay Newton-Small’s astute detailing of the evolution of the age beat, to Stacy Smith and Katherine Pieper’s thoughts on how Hollywood might reduce or eliminate ageism in its… Read More
    Posted 07.17.2018
    Across the 100 highest-grossing movies in 2016, only 11 percent of speaking characters were ages 60 or older. Read More
    Posted 07.06.2018
    An analysis of the impacts of mass incarceration on the African American community and on the cohort’s long-term health consequences. Read More
    Posted 07.02.2018
    A reflection of cumulative advantages and disadvantages across the life course. Read More
    Posted 06.27.2018
    Over the past several decades, healthcare costs have consumed an ever-greater percentage of U.S. spending. Read More
    Posted 06.25.2018
    Social identities such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation shape economic and social experience. The Summer 2018 issue of Generations demonstrates how America’s increasing economic and social inequality affects older adults over time. Read More
    Posted 06.25.2018
    Sexual orientation relates to socioeconomic status, and the differences in this status directly impact the health and healthy aging trajectories of LGBT elders. Read More
    Posted 06.25.2018
    Social inequality in exposures to environmental hazards erodes environmental conditions for all people. Read More
    Posted 06.14.2018
    An unbefriended LGBT elder could end up with a guardian with whom the elder has no prior personal connection, and who may have little to no LGBT cultural competency or interest in protecting the elder’s LGBT identity and relationships. Read More