Posted 02.01.2019
    Laura Keyes, Cathy Boyer-Shesol and Mary Blumberg will present a session on this topic at the Aging in America Conference as part of the Network on Environments, Services and Technologies full-day program, Creating Resilient Age-Friendly Communities: Enhancing Daily Lives of Individuals Across the… Read More
    Posted 01.30.2019
    I listened to people with Alzheimer’s wrestle with what this illness did to sense of self. I heard families share what it took to get through each day. I heard extended families, friends and professionals talk about their struggles of staying involved and connected. Read More
    Posted 01.25.2019
    Donna Marie Johnson’s grit was tested when her 43-year-old husband was diagnosed with early-onset dementia. Read More
    Posted 01.24.2019
    Although some adults may provide unpaid care by choice, half of the over 1, 248 caregivers interviewed reported that they had no choice in assuming caregiving responsibilities. Read More
    Posted 01.22.2019
    I have seen quite a bit of change and evolution in this retirement phenomenon. Read More
    Posted 01.15.2019
    It is my greatest pleasure to contribute to the American Society on Aging as the chair of the Lifetime Education and Renewal Network (LEARN) Council. Read More
    Posted 01.14.2019
    As we get older our communities may no longer support our ability to remain independent, active and engaged. Some cities are working hard to transform this reality. Read More
    Posted 01.14.2019
    New ASA Board members are chosen by nomination of their peers, and each will serve a two-year term to begin April 18, 2019. Read More
    Posted 01.08.2019
    As America ages, ensuring that its communities embrace the needs of persons with demen­tia is an emerging challenge crucial to address. Read More
    Posted 01.08.2019
    Compared to older adult heterosexuals, LGBTQ older adults are more likely to report higher rates of several chronic conditions associated with dementia. Read More