Posted 10.01.2018
    How might the coming nexus of aging and diversity affect entitlement programs, the social safety net and geopolitical priorities? Will it give us intergenerational and interethnic tensions, or lead to new coalitions based on need rather than age, income and race? Read More
    Posted 09.24.2018
    The Aging and Disability Business Institute aims to make sure Community-Based Organizations have the tools, applications and finances necessary to put today’s innovations to work for communities nationwide. Read More
    Posted 09.24.2018
    West Health is partnering with many of the brightest and most innovative leaders in the fields of aging, senior nutrition and healthcare to advance a strategy to provide comprehensive malnutrition care to seniors in their homes and communities. Read More
    Posted 09.21.2018
    LGBT older people are twice as likely to be single and live alone and four times less likely to have children. Read More
    Posted 09.20.2018
    Following the Sandy Hook shooting, a grassroots organization, Grandmothers Against Gun Vio­lence, was founded in 2013 in Kansas/Missouri. Since then, chapters have arisen in states including Washington, Florida and Tex­as Read More
    Posted 09.17.2018
    Aging Today recently caught up with four dedicated ASA leaders to chat with them about the CAPs genesis and mission. Read More
    Posted 09.17.2018
    By addressing the prior history of body intrusions, we hope to ‘roll back’ the symptoms of this disease. Read More
    Posted 09.12.2018
    Many have begun to speculate about voter participation in the November 2018 races and 2020 presidential election, especially among older and minority communities affected by dissolute policies. Read More
    Posted 09.10.2018
    The use of certain prescribed or over-the-counter medications known as anticholinergics are associated with adverse cognitive effects and have recently been considered a modifiable risk factor for ADRD. Read More
    Posted 09.06.2018
    Researchers at the University of California conducted an evaluation of Cal MediConnect which included focus groups with dually eligible beneficiaries, surveys with beneficiaries and key informant interviews with policy makers, health plans, providers and advocates. This article outlines the… Read More