Posted 05.01.2020
    A good old age—one lived in well-being and dignity—should be possible for everyone. Not just for some. Read More
    Posted 05.01.2020
    The majority of nursing homes still operate as medical institutions. Unsurprisingly, this model has proved problematic when it comes to resident satisfaction and quality of life. Read More
    Posted 05.01.2020
    Older workers are disproportionately represented in jobs that have high economic and health risks and are underrepresented in safe jobs. Read More
    Posted 04.28.2020
    The challenge of fully embracing person-centered care lies in the struggle to change how organizations get things done. Read More
    Posted 04.27.2020
    As much as I distrust and disfavor nursing homes that provide bad care, they did not create the crisis that will cause their care delivery to further decline. We must focus on how the virus is a threat within all congregate living environments. Read More
    Posted 04.26.2020
    The telehealth models advanced by West Health and its collaborators are proving to be timely and exemplary, especially with older adults who now must shelter in place in the community. Read More
    Posted 04.25.2020
    Amid the myriad tragedies brought on by COVID-19 is one most troubling to us all: The heartbreaking spread of the virus in our country’s nursing homes and other long-term-care settings. Read More
    Posted 04.24.2020
    California Gov, Gavin Newsom announced a new partnership between Institute on Aging and the California Department of Aging for Friendship Line California - a toll free line to help isolated and lonely seniors cope with social isolation, especially during shelter-in-place. Read More
    Posted 04.23.2020
    Of the three economic relief bills have been enacted into law since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, two offer key provisions to help older Americans adapt to the unprecedented public health emergency. Read More
    Posted 04.21.2020
    A word to elder justice advocates: getting elder abuse programs funded requires patience, skill—and a long view. Read More