Posted 09.04.2018
    The September–October In Focus section of Aging Today tackles the older voter—how they voted in 2016, and what’s to be expected in 2018 and beyond. Read More
    Posted 08.29.2018
    Community-based organizations (CBO) focused on the care of older adults and that invest in a technology strategy will be better able to deliver the best digital tools and services to their clients. Read More
    Posted 08.29.2018
    From the vantage point of such hard-fought success, Benton Wolfe works to bolster other CBOs, to help instill in them a sense of pride for what they have accomplished and to challenge them to do more. Read More
    Posted 08.20.2018
    U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that 11 million people, or 28 percent of those ages 65 and older, live alone. Read More
    Posted 07.30.2018
    Why do employers retain black workers when labor markets are tight, only to lay them off when downturns hit? Read More
    Posted 07.30.2018
    Many don’t realize how often law enforcement encounters people with dementia in the community. Read More
    Posted 07.26.2018
    Research has long demonstrated that a sense of purpose powerfully maintains health, mood and engagement in life as we age. And with the New Aging’s revolutionary gift of time, we can also experience new and creative expressions of the True Self, generating unexpected life goals and satisfactions. Read More
    Posted 07.24.2018
    It is difficult to manage opi­oid prescribing in a way that prevents abuse while meeting patients’ needs. Read More
    Posted 07.24.2018
    In rural, suburban and urban communities nationwide, far too many older adults and their families are struggling to pay rent and make ends meet. Read More
    Posted 07.17.2018
    The shrinking of newsrooms has meant fewer people dedicated to covering older adults and issues that affect them. Read More