Corps of Accomplished Professionals

ASA’s Corp of Accomplished Professionals (CAPs) was established in 2017 as a way to bring members together around a “common life stage” which includes those nearing the end of their careers, retired, working part-time, or something in between. The purpose of this new program, in line with ASA’s mission and Vision 2020 Strategic Plan, is to provide a home for accomplished professionals within ASA to stay connected to the field of aging and to one another, to enhance their professional and personal growth, and to enable them to use their talent and experience to give back to ASA and to its members.

CAPs has identified three initial areas of focus in which to organize their work:

  • Experience of Retirement 
  • Giving Back to ASA and the Field
  • Setting up a Consulting Practice/Work

Experience of Retirement

CAPs is a year-round program, with a learning symposium incorporated into each Aging in America Conference, sponsored web seminars and article contributions to Aging Today. In addition to periodic learning opportunities, the CAPs program will offer peer to peer networking as well as opportunities for seasoned professionals to work as thought partners with students and emerging professionals.

The work of CAPs is important and you are invited to join us. For more information contact

Giving Back to ASA and the Field

The great artist Pablo Picasso said: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” One of the three pillars of the CAPs programmatic priorities is about helping members in their quest to give back to ASA and to the field of aging that helped enrich their lives, and the lives of those they served. ASA and CAPS will seek opportunities over time to engage members in opportunities to give back to ASA, and to the field of aging. If you’d like to be contacted about opportunities to ‘give back’ please send an email to

Setting up a Consulting Practice/Work


CAPs Connection

The CAPs Forum is a place to exchange ideas with your peers, contribute to lively discussions on retirement planning an transition, comment on posted articles, and connect with your colleagues. 

Visit the CAPs Forum to post an article for discussion, share news, or network with your colleagues. You must log in and be current member to have access. 

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