ASA Chicagoland Roundtable - Older Adults and Technology: More than just a smart phone

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1725 W Harrison St
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ASA Chicagoland Roundtable Older Adults and Technology: More than just a smart phone
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ASA Roundtable | Aging in America | Web Seminars


ASA Chicagoland Roundtable
Older Adults and Technology: More than just a smart phone

Friday, October 4, 2019
8:30–10:30 am


Professional Building 
1725 W Harrison St
Searle Conference Center
Elevator II - 5th floor - 542 Brainard
Chicago, IL 60612

Not only does technology play a huge role in our society, it is constantly changing. Older adults often feel left out of these changes or left behind when the newest version of a phone or an app is produced. However, technology already plays a large role in the life of older adults. How older adults are introduced to technology and the different types can have lasting impacts on their health and their overall lives.

This session will look at many different aspects of technology and how it impacts the lives of older adults. Technology topics to discuss include privacy and HIPAA issues with websites and smartphone apps, software to support older adults changing physical and cognitive needs and also technology that can assist with helping older adults remain in their communities.

Discussion Objectives

·  Technology and older adults

·  How older adults utilize technology and adjust to its many changes

·  How technology can be used to improve quality of life for older adults and help some remain in their communities

·  Privacy concerns and HIPPA in regards to technology usage

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Tiffany M Favers
Clinical Team Lead
Alzheimer's Association- Contact Center

Tiffany has been working with seniors since 2013 in varying capacities. Tiffany is passionate about the mission of the Alzheimer's Association and the work being done to help support families dealing with this difficult disease. Before joining the Alzheimer's Association, Tiffany was the Area Agency on Aging Director for the City of Boston. Tiffany has worked extensively with LGBTQ+ senior groups, helping to increase outreach and programming and decrease health disparities experienced by these groups. She is also a planning team member of the LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) with the American Society on Aging.


Abbey Gartee
IT Staff Member
Howard Brown Health


Raymond V. Hall
Computer Services Coordinator
Howard Brown Health

Raymond is a professional trainer and consultant. Working as Computer Services Coordinator with Chicago Methodist Senior Services, Raymond provides classroom training and in-home technical support to older adults around computer, cell/smartphone and other device use. This work improves older adults' access to information, and skills which support their ability to remain engaged in their communities and in contact with family and friends. Raymond has worked with youth, older adults and other groups often considered underserved or fragile populations.


Kelly Rice
Program Manager for Intensive Community Care Services
Howard Brown Health

Kelly currently oversees the Ryan White Part A HIV medical case management program, the diabetes case management program and an LGBTQ focused aging health and wellness program at Howard Brown. In 2017-2018, she completed a comprehensive health-focused aging needs assessment for the aging LGBTQ Chicago population. Kelly is an active member in the Chicago LGBTQ community and serves on several committees and boards, including the Chicago LGBTQ Aging Network, the American Society on Aging (ASA) LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) Council, and the ASA Chicago Roundtable planning committee.

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