The Gloria Cavanaugh Award for Excellence in Training and Education

The Gloria Cavanaugh Award for Excellence in Training and Education is presented to an individual or program that exemplifies continued excellence in training and education in the field of aging. Nominees must be current ASA members. Nominees should have made significant and long-term contributions to the field, and create visibility for exemplary training and educational efforts.

The winner will be featured in the Aging in America Conference program book, in Aging Today and AgeBlog, and on this page.

To be considered, nominees will be evaluated on:

  1. Significant and long-term contributions to the field;
  2. Development of relevant, culturally appropriate and comprehensive programs;
  3. Creativity and innovation in training methods, as well as use of technology;
  4. Evaluation methods to ensure efficacy;
  5. Outreach to underserved populations;
  6. Responsiveness to continuing education needs of providers.

The deadline to submit a nomination has passed.
Please revisit this page in May 2020.

2019 Gloria Cavanaugh Award for Excellence in Training and Education Winner

Money Smart for Older Adults
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Money Smart for Older Adults Adults (MSOA) is a national comprehensive, no-cost training curriculum for older adults or colleagues on identifying and preventing elder financial exploitation. Studies estimate that older people in the USA lose between $2.9 and $36 billion annually from elder financial exploitation. This form of elder abuse is committed by a broad spectrum of perpetrators including family members, caregivers, building contractors, scammers on the phone, on the computer and others. Financial losses sustained by older people are rarely recovered and can result in the loss of independence, declines in health, broken trust and fractured families.

The Money Smart for Older Adults (MSOA) training curriculum is designed specifically for use by older persons, family caregivers, and a resources for service providers, family caregivers and others in the community. MSOA provides information to raise awareness of different types of frauds and scams that specifically target older adults. It was developed and released in 2013 by the FDIC and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office for the Financial Protection of Older Americans. Nearly one million copies have been distributed in 50 states and it is available in Spanish.