Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame Award is presented to an individual who has, through a lifetime of advocacy and leadership, enhanced the lives of elders through demonstrated leadership on the national level. The nominee should have contributed to ASA through service on its board of directors, committees or in other leadership roles. Preference may be given to those nominees who are current ASA members.

The winner will be featured in the Aging in America Conference program book, in Aging Today and Age Blog, and on this page.

The nomination site for the 2019 Award is closed. Please bookmark this page and revisit it in June.


2018 Hall of Fame Award Winner

Paul Nathanson
Executive Director, Justice in Aging

Paul Nathanson has for 45 years been a leading advocate for low-income elders in America. Nathanson served for many years on the ASA Board of Directors, including a term as chair and also served on many ASA Board committees, including the Public Policy Committee and the Aging Today Editorial Advisory Committee. He also was a regular presenter at the annual Aging in America Conference, and for many decades has been an ambassador for ASA, as well as a mentor of new leaders within the ASA membership community.

In his decades-long career, Nathanson has served as executive director of the National Senior Citizens Law Center (now Justice in Aging), as a professor of elder law at the University of New Mexico (UNM), as director of UNM’s Institute of Public Law, and as associate provost for UNM Academic Affairs.

In his first of two terms at Justice in Aging, Nathanson helped implement the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, brought several groundbreaking Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid class-action lawsuits, and worked on numerous amendments to the Older Americans Act. In his second term, the organization won class-action lawsuits that delivered more than $1.75 billion in retroactive Social Security and SSI benefits, and more than $300 million in Medicaid benefits, to low-income elders and people with disabilities.