Information for Presenters

The 2020 Aging in America Call for Proposals will open June 17. Check here for more details.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta, March 24-27, 2020! In the meantime, the information provided below will help you prepare for the conference and your presentation.

Registration/Session Confirmation Add your bio and headshot Poster Presentations and Printing Service
Presentation Materials Review your
Travel and Hotel
Update your professional info Technology during the Conference Submit a blog
  Presentation Tips  


Registration and Session Confirmation

To confirm your presentation, you must register by December 10, 2018.


Please note: Your session is not confirmed until you and your co-presenters are registered to attend. If you are not registered by December 10, your session will be placed on the waitlist. We appreciate presenters doing their part to meet ASA session requirements and registration deadlines.

Minimum Presenter Requirements

  • 60-minute Workshops (2)
  • 90-minute Symposia (3)
  • Peer Groups (1)
  • Roundtables (1)
  • Poster Sessions (1)
  • Film/Video Session (1)

To request the addition of another speaker to your session, or substitute a current speaker for someone else, click here to download the Speaker Addition and Substitution Form.

2019 AiA Presenter Registration Fees

Full conference registration only
(no single day fees)
Early Rates (10/1/18-10/31/18) Regular Rates

Late Rates

Professional ASA Member $465 $520 $585
Retired ASA Member 65+  $310 $350 $390
Student ASA Member (full-time) $225 $255 $285
Non-member $660 $740 $830
Retired Non-member 65+ $440 $495 $555
Student Non-member (full-time) $320 $360 $405


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Before the Conference

Presentation Materials

If you have materials to share with attendees, we invite you to upload up to three documents that interested attendees can download in advance, as well as during and after the event, from the conference website. 

Click here (login required) to upload handouts or your poster if you are a poster presenter.

If you do need to supply printed information, plan to print your materials in advance and bring them to the conference. You can also have them printed at the hotel’s business center.

If you’d like to ship any handouts for your session, click here.

Please note: ASA does not print and distribute presentation materials for workshops, symposia or other sessions.

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Update your Professional Information

ASA will use your professional information (name, degree(s), title and organization) in the conference program book. Double check to be sure that your info is complete and up-to-date to ensure you are accurately listed in the conference program book and so that we can contact you with important information about the conference. The deadline to make changes to your information is January 20, 2019.

Click here to review your information.

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Add your bio and headshot

Attendees will be able to view your bio/CV and picture before the conference via our online event search. 

Click here to add or edit your bio and headshot.

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Review your schedule

Please refer to the email we sent directly to you or use Event Search to review your presentation schedule. If you have any conflicts, be sure to contact us immediately. While we may not be able to meet specific time requests we will make every effort to schedule sessions during times that are convenient for you. Each presenter has the responsibility to inform our conference staff of any scheduling restrictions that you may have.

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Available Technology during the Conference

Workshops and Symposia

Microphones, Laptops, LCD Projectors and Screens

Each meeting room at the Aging in America Conference will be equipped with Windows laptop computer (No DVD player), an LCD projector, screen and one wired podium or table top microphone. We strongly encourage you to prepare your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint using widely compatible fonts (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana and Tahoma) and to use the provided laptop, but you may also bring your own computer. If you bring a Mac OS-based computer, you must also bring your own VGA adapter to connect it to the provided projector.


If your presentation contains links to video files, it is essential that you bring not only your PowerPoint file, but also your original video files, unless you are planning to purchase wifi access. The preferred video file formats are .WMV or .MPEG, but .MP4 and Flash video files are acceptable. QuickTime and .MOV video files are not compatible with PowerPoint and should be converted to one of the above formats.  All videos should be tested and checked in advance to be sure they will work properly without access to the Internet.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance will be available onsite. Please plan to arrive at your assigned room at least 30 minutes early to prepare your presentation and audio set-up.

If you are presenting in a symposium, it is particularly important that you arrive at least 20-30 minutes early so that you can coordinate with your co-presenters and work with our technical assistants, if necessary, to upload your PowerPoint to the provided laptop (see above for more information). You will have 10-12 minutes for your presentation and the session will include a 10 minute group Q&A period.

Other AV Needs

If you anticipate that you will need additional AV equipment, you can order these, including a flipchart with markers and easel and additional microphones, in advance. Click here to download an AV order form. You are responsible for the cost of the additional items; they are not provided by ASA.

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Poster Sessions, Roundtables and Peer Groups

No A/V is available during poster sessions, round tables or peer groups. (If you are presenting a poster, please see below for additional guidelines.)

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Poster Presentations: Poster Printing Service

ASA will print and hang your poster for you at the Aging in America Conference. This service is free with your conference registration. In order to have your poster printed, please upload your file no later than January 18, 2019.

If you are not able to meet this deadline you will need to print your poster on your own and bring it with you to the conference. Please contact for instructions.

Click here to download poster instructions and guidelines. 

Click here (and login if necessary) to upload your poster

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Travel and Hotel Accommodations

You are are responsible for making your travel and hotel arrangements to attend the conference. Please see the conference travel and hotel web page to get additional information on discounted room rates at the conference headquarters hotel and other travel information.

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Submit a Blog Post

As an AiA19 presenter, you have the opportunity to get the buzz about your workshop started early. If you’d like to promote your session, consider writing a post for AgeBlog that addresses some of the questions below:

  • Why you?
    Brag a little! It’s ok to talk about your qualifications and the experience you bring to the table.
  • Why this topic?
    Why did you choose this issue? Did you have a personal or professional experience that drew you to the topic? Does your perspective, research or experience fill in a knowledge gap in the field? Are you hoping to introduce information to a new audience?
  • What will attendees gain from your session?
    Without “giving away the cow with the milk,” discuss what you hope folks who attend your session will learn.
  • Homework?
    Share some of your resources so that attendees can read up on your issue and be better prepared to engage with your session.

Your post doesn’t need to be long—300 to 600 words is sufficient! Be sure to include the time, date and room location for session and your twitter handle, if you have one. 

ASA members are invited and encouraged to submit blog posts for consideration on a rolling basis throughout the year. Due to publishing schedules and fluctuating demand, we are unable to guarantee that AiA19 presenter blog posts will be posted before the conference if they are submitted after March 15, 2019.


Presentation Tips

To enhance the quality of your session at the Aging in America Conference, please consult the following resources.

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