Master of Jurisprudence in Aging, Law & Policy

StetsonLaw_4C-final.jpgStetson Law's Master of Jurisprudence in Aging, Law and Policy is a unique, online program designed to give non-lawyer students and working professionals an advanced understanding of elder law, policies, and ethics.

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Enrollment deadline for August program is July 1; deadline for January program is December 1.

In as little as two years, professionals from nursing, social work, and other human services fields will cultivate a strong foundation of Aging, Law and Policy.

Gain a practical knowledge of elder law and policies, as well as the leadership and communication skills needed to advance your career, without having to interrupt your career or relocate.

About the four semester, 25-credit online program:

  • In-demand areas of study such as disability law, gerontological healthcare, guardianship, taxes and estate planning, and ethics in elder care
  • Courses taught by legal experts and leaders in the field of Aging, Law and Policy
  • Access to Stetson's online library resources for Aging, Law and Policy
  • GRE not required with appropriate work experience

Why pursue a Master of Jurisprudence in Aging, Law and Policy?

An advanced comprehension of Aging, Law and Policy provides valuable benefits for non-lawyers working in human service fields. Experienced professionals and recent graduates can meet the growing demand for specialized resources adept at evaluating and communicating legal issues, while increasing their skill set in this in-demand field. A basic understanding of Aging, Law and Policy will better prepare you to serve this vulnerable population.

  • Gain a competitive edge for new career opportunities and advancement
  • Become part of Stetson Law's alumni network and connect with professionals who assist students and fellow graduates with career placement.

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ASA Members receive a 25% tuition discount.
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