MindAlert Lecture Monographs

Since 2001, the MindAlert program has sponsored a Special Lecture by a well-known researcher in the field of mental fitness and aging. Following the lecture, ASA publishes a booklet containing the transcript of the lecture, as well as descriptions of the best-practices programs honored with the year's MindAlert Awards.

Click on the cover images below to download any of the past MindAlert booklets.

2011 MindAlert Supplment
From Brain Fitness to Mental Wellness as We Age
Lecture by Gary Small, M.D.

2009 MindAlert Booklet
Sparking the Brain with Exercise:
How Physical Fitness Affects Mental Fitness

Lecture by John J. Ratey, MD

2008 MindAlert Booklet
Intervening with Late-Life Cognition: Lessons from the ACTIVE Study
Lecture by Michael Marsiske
(PDF 31,632KB)

2007 MindAlert Booklet
Art and Dementia
Lecture by Bruce L. Miller, MD

2006 MindAlert Booklet
Benefits of Memory Priming: Effects of Guided Autobiographyand Reminiscence
Lecture by James E. Birren

2005 MindAlert Booklet
Intellectual Functioning in Adulthood: Growth, Maintenance, Decline and Modifiability
Lecture by K. Warner Schaie And Sherry L. Willis

2004 MindAlert Booklet
Uniting the Heart and Mind: Human Development in the Second Half of Life
Lecture by Gene D. Cohen

2003 MindAlert Booklet
Lessons on Living Long and Living Well

Lecture by Thomas Perls
(PDF, 950KB)

2002 MindAlert Booklet
Brain Health From 1 to 100
Lecture by Paul Nussbaum
(PDF, 500KB)

2001 MindAlert Booklet
Good News About the Aging Brain!
Lectures by Marian Diamond and Arnold Scheibel
(PDF, 2900KB)