More Than 40 Years of ASA Awards

Awards History

The ASA Awards have a rich history of honoring pioneers, leaders, emerging stars, and innovative programs in the field of aging.

The goal of these awards is to bring attention to the individual, organizations and programs that are making a difference in the lives of older adults and the people who care for them. ASA has been honored to recognize as past award-winners distinguished professionals within ASA’s membership as well as from the larger community of professionals serving older adults. 
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ASA Award

2019: Sandra Timmermann
2018: David Nevison
2017: Paul Downey
2016: Joanne Handy, MS, RN
2015: John Feather, Ph.D.
2014: Cmdr. Letia A. Boseman, M.P.H., CHES
2013: Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D.
2012: Erlene Rosowsky, Psy.D.
2011: Gail Sheehy
2010: Jon Pynoos, Ph.D.
2009: Donna L. Wagner, Ph.D.
2008: Mae Carpenter
2007: Barbara Kennelly
2006: Larry Polivka, Ph.D.
2005: Linda S. Noelker, Ph.D.
2004: Harry R. Moody, Ph.D.
2003: Katie Maslow
2002: Stephen Sapp, M.Div., Ph.D.
2001: Lora Connolly
2000: Monika White
1999: Robert Blancato
1998: Patrick Arbore, Ed.D.
E. Percil Stanford, Ph.D.
Barbara Silverstone
1996: Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D.
1995: Bonnie Genevay, M.S.W.
1994: Robert Binstock, Ph.D.
1993: Stephen McConnel
1992: Robert C. Atchley, Ph.D.
1991: Edward F. Howard J.D.
1990: Lawrence Z. Feigenbaum, M.D.
1989: Charles J. Fahey, D.Div
1988: Carroll Estes, Ph.D
Carl Eisdorfer, Ph.D.
Polly McConney
1986: Edna Bonny Russell Ed.D.
1985: E. Percil Stanford, Ph.D.
Theodore Koff, Ph.D.
James Birren, Ph.D.
1983: Marion Marshall
1982: Janet Levy
Marian Lupu
1981: Dorrwin Jones
1980: Tish Sommers
1979: William Oriol
1978: Alexander Simon, M.D.

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Hall of Fame Award

2019: Jim Sykes
2018: Paul Nathanson
2017: E. Percil Stanford, PhD
2016: W. June Simmons
2015: Jennie Chin Hansen, R.N., M.S., FAAN
2014: Fernando M. Torres-Gil, Ph.D.
2012: Harry R. Moody, Ph.D.
2011: Msgr. Charles Fahey, D.Div.
2010: Gene Cohen, Ph.D.
2009: Carol Colleran
2008: James J. Callahan, Ph.D.
2007: Carroll Estes, Ph.D.
2006: Robert H. Binstock, Ph.D.
2005: Robert N. Butler, M.D.
2004: James E. Birren, Ph.D.
2003: Marjorie Cantor
2002: Elias Cohen, J.D.
2001: Connie Goldman, M.A.
2000: Rose Dobrof, D.S.W.
1999: Virginia M. Bell, M.S.
1998: James E. McKenna
1997: Marian Lupu
1996: Milton Tepper
1995: Rev. Elbert C. Cole
1994: Lillian Rabinowitz
1993: Janet S. Sainer
1992: Ed Kramer
1991: Gregory Bergman
1990: Shimeji Kanasawa
1989: William R. Pothier
Mercia Kahn
Lillian Rabinowitz
Laurie Shields
Jack McKay
Gwen M. Bedford
Cecile Barbash
Norma F. Keil
1985: Glenn Johnson
Helene Nemschoff
Betty Kozasa
1983: Robert Robinson
1982: Betty Brook
1981: Fritz Schmerl, M.D.
1980: Viola Berton
1979: Marquerite Schwarzman
Catherine Steinhauser Knowles
Charles Knowels

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Gloria Cavanaugh Award for Excellence in Training and Education

2019: Money Smart for Older Adults (CFPB & FDIC)
2018: National Resource Center on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Aging

Senior Planet (a program of Older Adults Technology Services)

2016: Rhonda J. V. Montgomery
2015: Helen Dennis, M.A.
2014: National Resource Center on LGBT Aging
2013: OASIS Institute
2012: Easter Seals
2011: Laura Trejo
The Intergenerational Center, Temple University
2009: Kathryn Hyer
2008: Carol R. Hegeman
2007: Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D.
2006: Neal E. Cutler
2005: Susan Perlstein
2004: Barbara Ginsberg, Ed.D.
2003: Sandra Timmermann
Patrick Arbore, Ed.D.
Vicki Small, Ph.D.
2001: David Peterson, Ph.D.

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MindAlert Award

2019: Birdsong Tablet
2017: Center 4 Brain Health at Menorah Park
2015: Brain GYM (Grow Your Mind) Boot Camp,
Banner Alzheimer's Institute
2014: Mind Matters, North Shore Senior Center
2013: - Early Stage Programs: New England Cognitive Center’s Mind Aerobics Cognitive Suite of Programs
- Lifelong Learning Programs: Spoon River College Retirees Leading Initiative
- Programs for General Population: The BrainWorks Grandbuddies Program
2012: - BrainBoost, Bay Area Community Services
- Move with Balance™. Giving Back
- Passport to Wellness: Lifelong Learning Program, Glen Cove Senior Center
2011: J.E.W.E.L
2010: - Alzheimer’s Association, St. Louis Chapter, Let’s Talk Program
- Oasis Active Generations, The Oasis Instistute
- SeniorWISE (Wisdom Is Simply Exploration)
2009: - StageBidge, Dr. Stuart Kandall
- The Memory Academy, Diana Nohr
- Gerotechnolohy of Westchester, Jean Coppla
- Academy of Lifelong Learning, University of Delaware, Ruth Flexman
2008: - Borchardt Cyber Café
- The Dancing Heart: Vital Elders Moving in Community
- Senior Center Without Walls
2007: - Songwriting Works
- Everyday Memory Clinic
- Intergenerational School
- Focus on Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive & Spiritual Marilyn & Gordon Macklin Intergenerational Institute
- My Turn, Kingsborough Community College
- Staying Sharp, NRTA: AARP’s Educator Community and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives
- Programs Specifically Designed to Enhance mental Fitness for Cognitively-Imparied Older Adults
- Lifelong Learning and Third Age Learning Programs Where Mental Fitness is Implicit
- Normal Mental Fitness -
The Illuminated Life Osher Lifelong Learning Institute University of Hawaii at Manoa
- Outstanding Innovative older Adult Learning Program - Autobiographical Studies Program
- Early Dementia - Creativity and Dementia
2002: - Early Dementia Support Groups
- Mind Works
- Generations OnLine - Internet Simplified  for Seniors
- Lasell Village at Lasell College
2001: - Elder Rehab by Students Program
- The Adult Day Services of Orange County
- Mind Your Mind
- My Turn Program
- River Institute for Senior Education

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Religion, Spirituality and Aging Award

2019: Marita Grudzen
2018: Nancy Gordon
2014: Robert L. (Bob) Weber, Ph.D.
2013: Fr. James P. Oberle, Ph.D.
2011: Rabbi Dayle Friedman, M.S.W.
2010: Stephen Sapp, Ph.D.
The Inter-Faith Chapel
Ramonia Lee, M.Div., D.Min.
2008: Marty Richards, M.S.W., L.IC.S.W.
Patrick Cullinane
Rev. James Ellor, Ph.D., D.Min., DCSW

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Graduate Student Research Award

2019: Eun-Hye Grace Yi
2018: Marshall Naimo
2017: Marie Gualtieri
2016: Winnie Chi
2015: Sarah Jen, M.S.W.
2014: Hayley Gleason, M.S.W.
2013: Jessica Taha
2012: Michiyo Tomioka
2011: Pi-Ju (Marian) Liu
2010: Louanne Bakk
Scott King
Shayna Rich (HM)
Zhen Cong
Thomas M. Richardson Ph.D.
Kyaien O. Conner
Huai-Che Shih
Michelle M. Washko, Ph.D.
Jung-Hwa Ha, M.S.W, M.A.
Patricia Kuo
Glenda Gilmore Andes
Corinna E. Löckenhoff
Devon Fegen
Gretchen E. Alkema
Beth A.D. Nolan
Susan Hinck
Phillip Nodhturft
Kristine Williams
Tara Victor
2001: James John Bulot
Doris Toby Acelrod
Suzanne Fitzsimmons
Linda Foley
Angela McBride
Linda Ann Gerdner
Jodi Levy-Chushman
Mary Ann Kirkpatrick
Jeannette Franks
Terri Lynn Horowitz
Anne Kisor
Carolinda Douglass
William McNutt
1995: Catherine Lee
Amy Levinthal
1994: Alisha Oropall
1993: Margaret A. Boldt
Roberta Hyde
Nina Hofer
Laura Hampton Coker
Will Hubbard
Becky Guetzko
Karen Bowman
Lisa J. Hamburger
Carolyn Urban
Julia Kay Purdy
Lorie Rosenquist
Susan Belisle
Daniel H. Jacobson

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Mental Health and Aging Award

2019: Fred Blow
2018: Maria Hernandez-Peck
2017: Robert (Bob) Rawlings
2016: Christine Hennessey
2015: Tobi Abramson, Ph.D.
2014: Share DeCroix Bane, M.S.W., Ph.D.
2013: Patrick Arbore, Ed.D.
2012: Anita L. Rosen, M.S.W., Ph.D.
2011: Judith Shultz
2010: Robyn Golden, M.S.W.
2009: Daniel Kuhn, L.C.S.W.
2008: Carol Colleran
2007: Larry Dupree, Ph.D.
2006: Laura Trejo, M.S.G., M.P.A.
Willard Mays, M.A.
Steven Bartels, M.S., M.D.
2004: Steven H. Zarit, Ph.D.
2003: Ray Raschko

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Award for Excellence in Multicultural Aging

2019: Latino Age Wave Colorado
2018: Healthy Eating Healthy Aging program
2017: St. Barnabas Senior Services
2016: Aging in Community with Mandarin-Speaking Seniors, Orange County Department on Aging
2015: National Resource Center on Native American Aging
National Resource Center for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Elders
Ha Kapuna National Resource Center for Native Hawaiian Elders
2014: Body, Mind, Spirit at Gates Mills Villa, Cleveland, Ohio
2013: Hawai’i Healthy Aging Partnership
2012: Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing’s Comprehensive Housing Care Project
Fit-4-Life: A Program for Healthy Aging Among Urban Dwelling Seniors
- The Community Ambassador Program for Seniors, City of Fremont Human Services
- The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro/Keiro Senior Healthcare
- The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro/Keiro Senior Healthcare
- Powerful Tools for Caregivers Legacy Health System - Caregiver Serices
- The In Touch: Mind, Body and Spirit Program; Center in the Park
- Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly
- Be Well Program, Recreation & Community Services
- One Stop Senior Services
Aging as Ourselves, Elderhelp of San Diego
- Lifelong Learning & Wellness Program, Asian Community Center
- NAPCA Multilingual Helpline Center, National Asian Pacific Center on Aging
- Day Break II Asian Respite & Caregiver Support Services, Catholic Charities of San Jose

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ASA Leadership Award

2008: Florence G. Soltys (awarded posthumously)
2007: Deborah R. Russell
2006: Lynn Friss Feinberg, MSW
2005: Cynthia Stuen, PhD, DSW
2004: Margaret Wylde
2003: Dave Baldridge, John Miggliaccio
2002: Joanne Handy
2001: Richard “Rich” Browdie, Martha “Marty” Richards
2000: Robyn Golden
1999: Donna Yee
1998: Jeanette Takamura
1997: Vicki Schmall
1996: Keren Brown Wilson
1995: Rev. M. Dosia Carlson, PhD, J.T. (Ted) Childs, Jr.
1994: Nancy Coleman, Denise Klein
1993: Jennie Chin Hansen
1992: James J. Seeber, PhD
1991: Alice J. Kethley, PhD
1990: Paul S. Nathanson, JD; James Weil
1989: Paul A. Kerschner, PhD

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