New Ventures in Leadership

Empowering Leaders of Color to Make a Difference in the Lives of Older Adults in a Changing World

Building Community.
Making Connections.
Sustaining Commitment.

We live in a rapidly changing world, with seismic shifts in demographics and a growing need for leaders of color in the field of aging. To meet the opportunities and challenges of our times, organizations are searching for talented people who provide a competitive edge in reaching and serving diverse communities.

Likewise, emerging leaders of color seek:

  • Training and development that helps them operate successfully within their settings to achieve organizational and community-level change;
  • Opportunities to explore the impact and implications of being a professional of color in the aging field;
  • Professional networks that provide peer support and mentoring and career-mapping opportunities;
  • Effective approaches for addressing the needs of the traditionally underserved and underrepresented communities they care about;
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to be exemplary leaders who shape the field of aging.

Building Skills to Make a Difference

ASA’s New Ventures in Leadership (NVL) celebrates a 20-year legacy of success. NVL holds an unparalleled position in the aging field as the only program of its kind—designed specifically to develop the next generation of leaders of color, and dedicated to improving the quality of life for people as they age. The program provides a learning platform and support system comprised of educational seminars and networking activities, as well as coaching and mentoring opportunities that enable NVL participants (referred to as Partners) to develop skills such as problem-solving, communication, navigating the aging network, avoiding pitfalls and overcoming challenges.

It is not just what NVL Partners learn through the program that benefits them directly; it is what they are inspired and equipped to do with that experience in communities and organizations across the country.

Whether it’s community outreach for healthier aging, spotlighting and narrowing disparities, or ensuring culturally appropriate services in underserved communities, NVL provides the framework and environment that enable NVL Partners to envision their impact and realize their power to make a positive difference in the lives of all older adults, including elders of color.

ASA gratefully acknowledges generous support for NVL from these companies and organizations:

Walmart Inc.
Southwest Airlines
The Cleveland Foundation