Previously Recorded Web Seminars: Religion and Spirituality

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Spiritual Wellness 
Caring for a loved one or client suffering from a debilitating or terminal illness can be distressing. This feeling of distress often compounds when there is little hope of easing a loved one’s suffering or that his or her condition will improve. The resulting long-term emotional strain can lead caregivers to question the meaning of life and end up in spiritual distress. There can be serious implications for health and relationships if caregivers are not spiritually well. Spiritual wellness does not necessarily relate to religious activities or rituals; but instead focuses on adding meaning to the caregiver’s and care receiver’s lives. Dr. Eboni Green, co-founder of Caregiver Support Services, discusses these issues and more. From April 16, 2015.
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Spiritual Assessment in Light of DSM 5 and Evidence-Based Treatment
How does spiritual assessment inform the medical arena, and vice versa? The various counseling professions have been moving toward evidence based assessment and intervention tools, particularly in light of the new DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition).  Dr. Jim Ellor of Baylor University will take a brief historical look at spiritual assessment and its need to be a full player in the interdisciplinary team, and then discuss two different approaches that offer evidence-based approaches to rethink spiritual assessment. From April 10, 2014.
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Blessing What Is:  Celtic Spirituality as a Framework for the Spiritual Journey of Aging
The Rev. Nancy Gordon details an understanding of Celtic spirituality in history and practice as having unique differences from the dominant Christian tradition, which points to a spirituality of being, intuition and contemplation, as opposed to doing and rational clarity and understanding. Learn about spiritual practices that contribute to a sense of the Holy in the practical and the ordinary—the “what is” of life—that can be used as a resource for those on the aging journey. From January 10, 2013.  
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Exploring a Community Context for Aging Successfully in Congregations
Social worker Marty Richards and Stephen Sapp, professor of religious studies at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, explore what congregations can do to assist elders to age in meaningful ways within an intergenerational community. Practical approaches to integrate this construct into relationship-building through education, care partnering, service opportunities, and conversation groups will be explored. From February 28, 2013
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What Do Gratitude and Forgiveness Have to Do with Living and Aging Well?
Bob Weber, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, discusses the meaning of gratitude and forgiveness and the impact of gratitude and forgiveness on quality of life, as well as exercises that enhance the capacity for both gratitude and forgiveness.
From November 17, 2011. 
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Seeking the Divine Image: A Spiritual Approach to Dementia  
Learn to transcend fear and to make sense of dementia with Rabbi Dayle Friedman. This webinar draws on concepts from Jewish tradition as an example of a spiritual framing of dementia. Discussion also addresses a spiritual approach to dementia with people form any or no faith.
From October 27, 2011.
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Shepherds in the Valley of the Shadow: The Roles of Professional Chaplaincy in Long Term Care
Rabbi Cary Kozberg, Rabbi Sharon Mars and Deaconess Linda Frank discuss various roles and responsibilities of professional chaplaincy in long-term care settings, including the ways chaplains can address the religious and spiritual needs of residents.
From July 21, 2011
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Spirituality and Aging
Former ASA President and author of 24 books on aging, Bob Atchley, explores a non-religious, experiential language of spirituality that can be used to address spiritual concerns in education, research and public policy.
From November 18, 2010.
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Interdisciplinary Spiritual Assessment 
Dr. James Ellor discusses the development of spiritual assessment. Topics explored include identifying the variables necessary for, and learning to articulate the various methods of, spiritual assessment.
From July 8, 2010
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Activating the Resources of the Soul
Jane Thibault explores a spiritual discipline known as "dedicated suffering" as a means to alleviate the pain and suffering often accompanying illness and losses in later life.
From June 17, 2010.
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