Thursday, March 26 (AiA Workshops)

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Thursday, March 26

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Aging in Community

AAAs Addressing Dementia and Brain Health: Results From a New Poll

Aging in Place Without Isolation

Attitudes About Aging With Functional or Cognitive Need: Workforce, Technology and Policy Implications

Evidence-Based Physical Activity Programs and Environmental Interventions for Adults With Arthritis

Business & Leadership

Developing Effective Supervisors: Essential Practices in Promoting Quality Care Through Quality Jobs

Meet the Grantmakers

Nonprofit Is a Tax Status, Not a Business Model: Why Nonprofits Should Care About Earned Income


Charting a Path Forward to Support Family Caregivers

Electronic Health Records and Dementia Care: Where Do We Go From Here?

Nursing Home Residents Have Great Stories to Tell: You Just Have to Ask

The Alzheimer's Response Team: Dementia Crisis Response and Caregiver Support

Diversity & Cultures of Aging

Breaking Through: A Collaborative Model to Reach LGBT Elders Through the Aging Mastery Program

Diversity Beyond Language: How to  Engage Chinese- American Older Adults at the Community Level

Global Approaches to Advocacy for Long-Term Care Facility Residents: Comparing U.S. and Taiwanese Models

Promoting Social Justice in Diverse LGBTQ Communities by Bridging Aging Practice and Research

Transgender/Nonbinary People and Long-Term Care: Experiences, Expectations, Practices and Policy

Understanding Caregivers of Native Hawaiian Kupuna With Age-Related Memory Loss  in Papakolea Hawaiian Homestead Community

Health, Wellness & Care Transitions

Clear Communication and Plain Language Tools for Communicating With ADRD Families

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Your Next Chapter of Life

Helping Older Adults Understand Their Healthcare Benefits: Lessons From Insurance Experts

How Non-Healthcare Professionals Can Support Improved Quality of Life for Older Adults Through Vaccination

Measuring the Impact of Philanthropic Grantmaking: Age-Friendly Health Systems, Serious Illness, End-of-Life Care and Family Caregiving

Social Support: A Critical Need for Women Aging Up With HIV

The Role of Community-Based Interventions in Improving Health and Wellness in Older Adults

Integrated Care Networks/Business Acumen

Demystifying the Build-Versus-Buy Decision in Health Systems

New Flexibility Creates New Opportunities: Building Bridges to Improve Care of High-Need Seniors

New York State of Mind: A Unique Approach to AAA Business Acumen Training

Law & Aging

Hiding in Plain Sight: Human Trafficking of Older Adults

Money Smart for Older Adults: Building Outreach and Collaboration to Help Prevent Elder Financial Exploitation

Lifelong Learning & Engagement

Every Time I Hear That Song: The Impact of a Group Music Intervention on Engagement and Socialization of Persons Living With Dementia

Innovative Strategies to Engage Low-Income Older Adults in Creating Community Changes for Health

Meaningful Civic Engagement for Retired Boomers

Successful Strategies and Challenges in Developing a Professionally Run Theater Group Among African American Older Adults in Low-Income Housing in an Urban Area

Mental Health

Addressing Opioid Misuse in Older Adults Through Healthcare and Community-Based Partnerships

Happiness: A Guiding Approach to Professional Self-Care and Working With Older Adults

Promoting Healthy Community and Living for Older Adults

Toward Trauma-Informed Care in the Skilled Nursing Facility: Lessons From an Elder Abuse Shelter

Understanding and Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Older Adults

Policy & Advocacy

From Research to Action: Engaging Diverse Partners in a Local Reframing Aging Campaign

Policy and Advocacy: Whose Job Is It to Look Out For Older Consumers?

Screen and Intervene: How Everyone Can Play a Role in Addressing Food Insecurity Among Older Adults

Religion, Spirituality & Meaning

Enhancing Spirituality of Older Adults Through "en Plein Air" Narrative Programs

Moral Injury and Older Adults: Implications for Spiritual Care

Purpose, Resilience and Peace: Shaping Older Adult Ministry Through Three Spiritual Themes

Technology & Innovation

Actionable Clinical Insights via AI-Powered Wearable Technology

Conversations for Caring: Spreading the Know-How and Strengthening the Network

Innovations in Nutrition: Restaurant-Based Congregate Dining

Keeping Loved Ones Safe: LA County's Approach to Wandering for Individuals With Dementia and Cognitive Impairments

Translating Data on Older Adults Into Public Health Actio