Diabetes and Chronic Disease Self-Management: The Path to Sustainability

Start time
10:00 AM Pacific
End time
11:00 AM Pacific

Presented by ASA's Network on Multicultural Aging (NOMA)

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Stanford Patient Education Research Center evidence-based programs are excellent models for developing innovative business models for aging. Diabetes is one of the leading health problems for older adults.  In preparation for the Aging in America conference, learn about the chronic disease self-management program and the research behind it, as well as an overview of the Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention resources for diabetes prevention and control.

Participants in this web seminar will be able to:

  • Describe the process of developing a sustainability plan based on health insurance payer reimbursement
  • Review the current state of health insurance reimbursement for evidence-based disease management education
  • Explain which evidence-based programs are being reimbursed by health insurance programs
  • Define the additional infrastructure that is needed to support programs that obtain reimbursement from managed care organizations


Letia A. Boseman is a Commander in the United States Public Health Service and a Senior Public Health Analyst at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. She leads and coordinates projects related to policy and program information, aging, women’s health, and vision health. She has over twenty years of experience working at state, regional, federal, international, health/managed care, and non-profit agencies. Currently, she is a Doctor of Health Science student at Nova Southeastern University. She received her Master of Public Health and Certificate of Gerontology from the University of South Carolina. She is the past chair of the American Society on Aging (ASA), Healthcare and Aging Network Constituent Group (HAN) and the CDC Aging and Health Work Group. She is a Legacy Advisor to the American Society on Aging, Board of Directors. As a member of ASA for over 10 years, she has served on the HAN Editorial Board, Awards committee, and Leadership Council.
Timothy P. McNeill is an independent healthcare consultant, specializing in health program sustainability. His customers have included the Department of Health and Human Services, U.S.Administration on Aging (AoA)/Administration for Community Living and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).As a contractor, Mr. McNeill devised the first successful strategy to accredit and recognize, for CMS reimbursement, AoA grantees, to provide evidence‐based Chronic Disease Self‐Management programs, based on the Stanford University licensed program