Medication Overload: How the Drive to Prescribe Is Harming Older Americans

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1:00 PM Pacific
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2:00 PM Pacific

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The prescribing of multiple medications to older patients has reached epidemic proportions, with more than four in ten older adults taking five or more prescription medications a day, contributing to millions of hospitalizations due to adverse drug events. At this session, experts from the Lown Institute Medication Overload project will present information about the scope and harm of multiple medication use in older Americans, as well as key recommendations from their new Action Plan to Eliminate Medication Overload. Practical tips for clinicians, patients, and caretakers to avoid medication overload and deprescribe will be highlighted.

Participants in this web seminar will be able to:

  • Understand the scope of medication overload and the potential harms, as well as the key drivers of this phenomenon.
  • Utilize essential tools for preventing medication overload including: how to start conversations with their patients about their medications, how to recognize which drugs have high potential for harm for older people, and how to overcome common barriers to deprescribing; as well as how these tools can be applied in long-term care settings or care transitions.
  • Identify some of the policy solutions being proposed to tackle the problem of medication overload, including regulatory, behavioral, and educational interventions.


Gayle Esposito, Patient Advocate, Baby Boomers for Balanced HealthCare;

Judith Garber, Health Policy and Communications Fellow, The Lown Institute