Workshop Listings

Here is a preliminary list of Virtual AIA20 workshops. We’re working closely with our conference community to add more presentations to the line-up. Check back often for new listings and updated schedules. Also visit our web seminars page to see the presentations now available for registration.

And don’t forget to visit our line-up of sponsored Highlighted Sessions!

Interprofessional Initiative for a  Community-Based Balance and Fall Prevention Program
Meet the Grantmakers
New York State of Mind: A Unique Approach to AAA Business Acumen Training
 Innovations in Nutrition: Restaurant-Based Congregate Dining
 Medication Overload: How the Drive to Prescribe Is Harming Older Americans
 Ten Things to Look for When Signing a Power of Attorney
 Integrating Health and Social Care: Consensus Study Implications for the Eldercare Workforce
Does Volunteering Improve Health or Do Older Adults Volunteer Because They Are Healthy?
 Diminishing Risk for Vulnerable Elders through Collaboration: The Power of Enhanced Multidisciplinary Teams
Respecting Differences: Courageous Conversations
Lights, Camera, Interaction! How to Engage Diverse Audiences With Video on Social Media
Giving Caregivers Time Back Using Technology
Reframing Aging for Effective Advocacy
Hiding in Plain Sight: Older Adults Benefits Trafficking
Promoting LGBT-Inclusive Long-Term Care in Your Community
Empowering Dementia Care Partners to COPE:  Evidence-Based Community Practice
Memory Cafes for All: How Thriving Cafes Are Creating Joy and Community Among People Living With Dementia and Their Care Partners
Volunteer Programming: Impact on Nebraska Nursing Home Quality of Care
Informal Support Experiences Among Older African-American Gay Men Living With HIV/AIDS
Diversity, Disgust and Other Risk Factors for Unconscious Bias in Clinical Care of Older Patients
Technology-Based Platforms to Address Social Isolation, Loneliness, Lifelong Learning and Aging in Place
How Storytelling Can Super Charge Person-Centered and Personalized Care
A Public Health Approach to Caregiving: Insights and Strategies From CDC's Healthy Brain Road Map
Home Upkeep for All
Evidence-Based Physical Activity Programs and Environmental Interventions for Adults With Arthritis
Veterans Affairs Caregiver Support Program: The Changing Landscape of VA Services and Improving Access Through Technology
Care Transitions and Post-Acute Care Utilization Among Older Adults With Chronic Disease in the Medicare Population
Developing and Driving Consumers to Quality Information
Non-Pharmaceutical Strategies for the Treatment of Alzheimer's and Dementia