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Topics include: Aging in Community, Business & Leadership, Caregiving, Diversity & Cultures of Aging, Health, Wellness & Care Transitions, Mental Health, Lifelong Learning & Engagement, Law & Aging, Integrated Care Networks/Business Acumen, Policy & Advocacy, Religion, Spirituality & Meaning, Technology & Innovation and more; including special Highlighted Sessions.

Tuesday, March 24 | Wednesday, March 25 | Thursday, March 26 | Friday March 27

Tuesday, March 24

Highlighted Sessions

How to Maximize Your Effectiveness and Success as a Public Speaker: Lessons From 40 Years on the Front Lines

Aging in Community

A Medical School/Cooperative Extension Collaboration to Improve Access to Community-Based Programs

Between Sioux Falls and Minneapolis: Campestral Age-Friendly Communities

Bringing Healthcare to Home and Community Settings

Building Community Partnerships: Lessons Learned on the Journey to Becoming a Dementia Friendly City

Collaboration and Engagement Strategies to Maintain Wellness and Independence for Seniors at Home

Collaboration Between Age-Friendly Cities, Villages and Community Partnerships to Promote Thriving in Community

Future-Proofing the Congregate Nutrition Program

Healthy Aging and Positive Youth Development: A Win-Win of Intergenerational Programming in Affordable Senior Housing

Helping English-Limited Older Adults Age Within the Community

Housing Is Not Enough

How Aging and Behavioral Health Partners Are Teaming Up to End Cross-Cultural Loneliness and Isolation in Diverse Older Adults

Improving Older Adult Health With New Evidence-Informed Intergenerational Program in a Diverse Urban Setting

Innovators in Aging: The States' Long View of Long-Term Care

Memory Cafes for All: How Thriving cafes Are Creating Joy and Community Among People Living With Dementia and Their Care Partners

Moving Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Assisted Living

Power in Numbers: New Collaborations in Home Modification for Falls Prevention

Preventing Elder Abuse through Research-and-Practice Collaboration

Reaching America: Utilizing Extension Programs That Work in Rural Areas

Research Translation: The Winding Road to Making Aging Research Findings Relevant and Impactful

Solo Agers' Survival Depends on Smart Housing Choices

Taking the Show on the Road: Providing Services  Beyond the Walls of a Traditional Senior Center

Updates From the National Falls Prevention Resource Center: Programs, Practice and Policy

Valuing the Individual Choices and Voices: Transforming Two Government Agencies Through Partnership

You CAN Get Home With a Little Help From Your Friends

Business & Leadership

A Think Tank Opportunity

Age-Friendly Workplace Programs: Learning How to Recruit and Retain Experienced Employees

Aging Roadmap: A Blueprint to Synthesize Multiple Initiatives and Programs Into One Strategic Plan

Don't Hire Just Anyone: Qualifications and Monitoring Contractor Performance

Financial Empowerment for Older Women

Performance Measurement and Management: Tools to Tell Your Story and Navigate Change


America's Direct Care Workforce in 2020: Familiar Challenges, New Opportunities

Best-Practice Caregiving: Guiding Organizations to Dementia Programs for Family Caregivers

Implementation of the REACH Community Evidence-Based Model in Primary and Specialty Care

Inclusion and Engagement: Building a Dementia-Friendly Community

Innovative Teaching Methods for Dementia Care: Students' Attitudes, Knowledge, Confidence and Empathy

Non-Pharmaceutical Strategies for the Treatment of Alzheimer's and Dementia

Partnerships to Disseminate Resources in Support of Family Caregivers: Lessons Learned in Five Years of Family Caregiver Engagement

Universal Home Care Workers: Training Standards and Advanced Roles

Volunteer Programming: Impact on Nebraska Nursing Home Quality of Care

Diversity & Cultures of Aging

Activating Allies: Creating Excitement Around LGBT Inclusion

Addressing Social Stigma and Enhancing Community Engagement for African Americans With Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: The Amazing Grace Chorus Experience

Advancing LGBT-Inclusive Aging Networks: Model Programs at the National, State and Local Levels

Assessing Needs and Social Support Resources of Older LGBT Adults

Creating a Culture of Aging in Public Health

Dismantling Systems, Raising Voices: Applying Social Justice Theories to Services for Older Adults and People With disabilities

I Already Came Out of the Closet? Memory Care and LGBT Elders

Juntos Somos Mejores: How a Public Service Agency and a Culturally Specific Organization Are Building an Authentic Partnership

Social Care for Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Adults in Later Life

Trabajo del Cerebro y el Corazon (Work of the Brain and the Heart): A Community-Driven Program Development Project By and For People Living With Dementia and Care Partners

What Leaders of Diverse Backgrounds Need to Know to Succeed

Health, Wellness & Care Transitions

A Community-Academic Partnership to Improve Nutrition and Blood Pressure Control for Seniors Aging in Place

A National Approach to Reducing Risk of Social Isolation Risk in Older Adults

Being There Matters: Physician Education in a Community-Based Organization

Care Transitions: A Hybrid Model of Acuity and Activation

C-MEDS: Results of a Community Medications Management Program for High-Risk Older Adults

Compare and Contrast Three Interprofessional Geriatric Education Approaches

Connecting High-Need Patients With Telemedicine Services Using Field-Based Telepresenters

Integrating End-of-Life Decision Making Into Primary Care: A Multifaceted Systemic Approach

Jameson House: How to Take an Existing Nursing Home Footprint and Create a "Small House"

Medication Overload: How the Drive to Prescribe Is Harming Older Americans

Opioid Crisis and Long-Term Care: The Resident Experience

Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Older Adults: Public Health Implications and Practical Solutions

The Role of Grief Recovery in Preventing Elder Substance Abuse and Suicide

Integrated Care Networks/Business Acumen

Creating Working Partnerships Between Financial Institutions and Adult Protective Services

How a Start-Up Management Services Organization Harnessed the Power of the Aging Network Into a Multi-State Revenue-Generating Preferred Provider Network

Innovation in Health Plan and Community-Based Organization Partnerships

Supporting Strategic CBO Business  Development: Two Learning Collaborative Opportunities

Law & Aging

Elder Law and Dementia: How to Self-Advocate Now in the Event of Future Decline

Introducing the Elder Justice Toolkit: Practical Resources You Can Use Help Diverse Communities Address Elder Abuse

Isms in the Courtroom: How to Maximize the Capacity of Seniors in the Legal System

Supporting Elder Justice Through the Development and Implementation of a Training Program on Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

Lifelong Learning & Engagement

Collegiate Partnerships and Purposeful Living: A Diverse Approach to Engagement in Lifelong Learning

Does Volunteering Improve Health or Do Older Adults Volunteer Because They Are Healthy?

Enhancing Human Connections Through Therapeutic Clowning Techniques and Drama Therapy for Healthcare Professionals and Caregivers

Life Purpose: Generativity and Intergenerational Bonding

Transitioning From "What's the Matter" to "What Matters": Schaalman Senior Voices

Wits Workout: Interactive Brain Health Program for Older Adults in Community Settings

Mental Health

A Community-Based Approach for Preventing Older Adult Suicide Through Nutrition Programming Services

Innovations in Workforce Development: Recruiting and Training Staff to Support Mental Health Needs of Older Adults

Isolation, Stress Reduction and Mindfulness in Strength-Based Context

Moving From Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Aware

Treatment of Substance Use Disorders With Older Adults

Vietnam Veterans: A Legacy of Neglect

Policy & Advocacy

Building a Movement: The California Master Plan for Aging

How to Prepare for a CMS Emergency Preparedness Survey

Improving Financial Well-Being: How Organizations Can Measure Financial Outcomes and Impact

Intergenerational Justice and Emancipatory Gerontology

Preparing and Empowering People Living With Dementia to Engage in Research

Public Health in a Longevity Society: Death and Dying Is a New Risk Factor for Illness

Religion, Spirituality & Meaning

A Spiritual Reckoning: History and Heritage

Elder Rights: Safe and Sound With the Older Americans Act

Intergenerational Filmmaking Program: Cool Legacy Work

One Hope: A Spiritual Response to Isolation and Loneliness

Religion and Social Justice in Aging: The Past, Present and Future

Technology & Innovation

Digital Destinations: A Creative Way of Driving Social Connectivity

Embedding a Virtual Senior Center in a Home-Delivered Meals Program for Homebound Older Adults

Empowering Citizen Scientists to Use Technology: Assessing and Advocating for an Age-Friendly Community

From Wicked to Wonderful: A Data Collection Plan to Drive Innovation and Evidence-Based Solutions

How Storytelling Can Super Charge Person-Centered and Personalized Care

Wednesday, March 25

Highlighted Sessions

National Developments in Addressing Older Adult Malnutrition:  From Research to Policies to Programs

Influencers in Aging: The Future of Aging in America

50+ Women: A Consumer Force to be Reckoned With

Aging in Community

A WISH for Seniors: Improving Aging in the Community

Aligning Systems of Care: Partnerships Between AAAs, Homeless Services and Supportive Housing

Bringing HIV Into the National Aging Mainstream

Connecting Beyond Conversation: Using a Dementia-Friendly Practice and Techniques to Facilitate Storytelling and Reminiscing Between Generations

Considering the Unique Needs of Older Adults in Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery Efforts

Diamonds in the Ruff: Understanding and Responding to the Role of Pets in the Lives of Diverse Older Adults

Elder Abuse in 2020

Evaluation of Senior Community Centers in Rural and Urban Pennsylvania

Filling Service Gaps for Older Minnesotans With Local Expertise: An Innovative and Collaborative Grant Program to Help People Age in the Community

Here to Stay: Empowering Older Adults to Maintain Their Homes for a Lifetime

Improving Health With Public Transportation and Housing

Lessons From the Field: Home Modification Service Delivery Innovations of the Aging Network

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities in Diverse Settings

Paring Down to Better Serve: Focusing on Depth Versus Breadth of Services to Support Diverse Older Adults

Purposeful Aging Los Angeles: An Age-Friendly Action Plan to Make Social and Physical Environments More Reflective of Older Adults

Staying Mobile and Independent: How Older Adults Manage Mobility Changes as They Age

Texercise: Supporting Healthy Aging in Texas

Two Movements, One Road Map: Becoming an Age-Friendly and Dementia-Friendly Community

Unretire Yourself: Supporting the Growing Number of Older Adults Coming Out of Retirement

Your Public Library, Your Community Connection

Business & Leadership

Corps of Accomplished Professionals (CAPS) and Students and Emerging Professionals (STEP) Shared Learning and Mentoring

Developing Pipelines and Lattices: Recruitment and Retention in Long-Term Care

Working After 50: Challenges and Opportunities


A Public Health Approach to Caregiving: Insights and Strategies From CDC's Healthy Brain Road Map

Caregiving's Core: Direct Care Workers and Family Caregivers

Community-Based Services for Dementia: A Continuum of Care Model

Empowering Dementia Care Partners to COPE: Evidence-Based Community Practice

Family Caregiving in Rural America: Innovative Services Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Rural Caregivers

Preparing the Direct Care Workforce in Dementia Care: Policy and Practice Priorities

Resilient Rural Hospice Workers: Who Are They?

Sandwich Generation Family Caregivers: America's Next Political Force for Families

When All That's Left Is Love: A Documentary Film About Alzheimer's Caregivers

Diversity & Cultures of Aging

Adjusting Advance Care Planning for Diversity

AARP Research: What We've Learned and How We Support Multicultural LGBT Older Adults

Engaging Locally in Multicultural Communities: How We Do It and What We Need to Know

How Aging Groups Can Align to Meet Shared Goals

Increasing Visibility and Pushing Through Resistance: Helping Immigrant Older Adults Access Services and Receive Care

Informal Support Experiences Among Older African-American Gay Men Living With HIV/AIDS

Promoting LGBT-Inclusive Long-Term Care in Your Community

Sex at the Supreme Court: A Story About Sex, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Working Together to Raise the Rainbow Flag: It Takes a Village

Health, Wellness & Care Transitions

2020 and the Next 20 Years of Ombudsman Advocacy

Accelerating Impact With 1:1 Evidence-Based Programs

Age-Related Vision Loss and Cognitive Decline: A Complex and Critical Connection

Fostering Hospital and Community Collaboration: Building Coalitions Across the System for Seamless Patient Experience

Innovative Strategies to Reach Diverse Elders: Using Age-Tastic to Improve Health and Well-Being

Interprofessional Initiative for a Community-Based Balance and Fall Prevention Program

Newly Approved Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs: Exciting Opportunities to Promote Healthy Aging

Pathways to Medical Case Management: A County AAA's Approach to Integrative and Preventative Programs

Integrated Care Networks/Business Acumen

Building a Medical-Financial Partnership: Linking Financial Capability to Improved Health Outcomes

Privacy and Security: What CBO Leaders Should Know to Protect Their Agencies, Consumers and Staff

Texas Health Community Impact: A Data-Driven Cross-Sector Initiative to Address Health Disparities

The Expanding and Innovative Role of Community-Based Organizations in Health Reform

Law & Aging

Taking Action: Assisting Older Victims of Financial Fraud

Ten Things to Look for When Signing a Power of Attorney

The Difficult Client: Part 2

The Value of Pooled Trusts

Lifelong Learning & Engagement

Art, Wellness and Vital Involvement in Aging: Engaging Creativity

Creativity and Purpose: Using the Arts to Reduce Social Isolation in Diverse Older Adults

Fill the Volunteer Void: Tools and Tactics to Engage Older Adults

Intergenerational Learning Re-imagined: From Research to Innovative Practice Approaches

Technology-Based Platforms to Address Social Isolation, Loneliness, Lifelong Learning and Aging in Place

The Jury Is in: The Latest on Music Participation and Quality of Life of Older Adults

Mental Health

Community-Based Organizations' Experience Serving Older Adults' In the Midst of the Opioid Crisis

Integrating Health and Social Care: Consensus Study Implications for the Eldercare Workforce

Leveraging Federal Funding to Support Nursing Home Behavioral Health Care and Community Transition

Mental Health and Aging Advocacy: A Critical Component in Addressing Older Adult Behavioral Health Needs

Policy Barriers to Mental Health Billing: Organizing a Response

Serious Mental Illness and Aging: Experiences From a Geriatric Unit's Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

Policy & Advocacy

Advocacy 101: Tips and Tools to Make Your Voice Heard

Beltway Insiders Round-Up: What You Need to Know About Aging Policy Now

Ethical Issues Related to Vulnerable Elders

Medicaid Under Siege: The Impact of New Medicaid Waiver Requirements on Older Adults

Perceptions of Marijuana Policy in the Aging U.S. Population: Do Older Adults Say "Nope" to Dope?

Reframing Aging for Effective Advocacy

Testing an Innovative Program to Prevent Adult Self-Neglect: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Threats to the Health and Economic Security of Diverse Older Adults: Current Federal Proposals and Advocacy Opportunities

Religion, Spirituality & Meaning

Memory Sunday, Memory Cafes, Music, and Beyond: Building a Dementia-Friendly Faith Community

Reimagining End of Life: Transforming Our Collective Experience Around Death, Dying and Living

The New Death and Dying: Changing Times and the Role of the End-of-Life Specialist

Why and How to Provide Spiritual Care to Older Adults With Dementia

Technology & Innovation

Community-Wide Technology Supported Innovation: Enabling Aging in Community for All Ages and Abilities

Creative Aging Without Walls: Wellness at Your Doorstep

Intervention to Innovation: Implementing Scalable and Sustainable Technology-Enabled Solutions for Older Adults

Lights, Camera, Interaction! How to Engage Diverse Audiences With Video on Social Media

Living Environments: Age-Friendly Innovations From Places to Spaces

Technology Without Walls

Telehealth Intervention Programs for Seniors: Making Business Sense on the Way Toward Sustainability

Telehealth: Now and Next

Thursday, March 26

Highlighted Sessions

It Takes a Dementia Village: Creating Dementia-Friendly Spaces and Programs in Every Community

#BeFraudSmart: Combatting Money Transfer Scams

Aging in Community

AAAs Addressing Dementia and Brain Health: Results From a New Poll

Aging in Place Without Isolation

Attitudes About Aging With Functional or Cognitive Need: Workforce, Technology and Policy Implications

Evidence-Based Physical Activity Programs and Environmental Interventions for Adults With Arthritis

Business & Leadership

Developing Effective Supervisors: Essential Practices in Promoting Quality Care Through Quality Jobs

Meet the Grantmakers

Nonprofit Is a Tax Status, Not a Business Model: Why Nonprofits Should Care About Earned Income


Charting a Path Forward to Support Family Caregivers

Electronic Health Records and Dementia Care: Where Do We Go From Here?

Nursing Home Residents Have Great Stories to Tell: You Just Have to Ask

The Alzheimer's Response Team: Dementia Crisis Response and Caregiver Support

Diversity & Cultures of Aging

Breaking Through: A Collaborative Model to Reach LGBT Elders Through the Aging Mastery Program

Diversity Beyond Language--How to Engage Chinese American/AAPI Older Adults at the Community Level

Global Approaches to Advocacy for Long-Term Care Facility Residents: Comparing U.S. and Taiwanese Models

Promoting Social Justice in Diverse LGBTQ Communities by Bridging Aging Practice and Research

Transgender/Nonbinary People and Long-Term Care: Experiences, Expectations, Practices and Policy

Understanding Caregivers of Native Hawaiian Kupuna With Age-Related Memory Loss  in Papakolea Hawaiian Homestead Community

Health, Wellness & Care Transitions

Clear Communication and Plain Language Tools for Communicating With ADRD Families

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Your Next Chapter of Life

Helping Older Adults Understand Their Healthcare Benefits: Lessons From Insurance Experts

How Non-Healthcare Professionals Can Support Improved Quality of Life for Older Adults Through Vaccination

Measuring the Impact of Philanthropic Grantmaking: Age-Friendly Health Systems, Serious Illness, End-of-Life Care and Family Caregiving

Social Support: A Critical Need for Women Aging Up With HIV

The Role of Community-Based Interventions in Improving Health and Wellness in Older Adults

Integrated Care Networks/Business Acumen

Demystifying the Build-Versus-Buy Decision in Health Systems

New Flexibility Creates New Opportunities: Building Bridges to Improve Care of High-Need Seniors

New York State of Mind: A Unique Approach to AAA Business Acumen Training

Law & Aging

Hiding in Plain Sight: Human Trafficking of Older Adults

Money Smart for Older Adults: Building Outreach and Collaboration to Help Prevent Elder Financial Exploitation

Lifelong Learning & Engagement

Every Time I Hear That Song: The Impact of a Group Music Intervention on Engagement and Socialization of Persons Living With Dementia

Innovative Strategies to Engage Low-Income Older Adults in Creating Community Changes for Health

Meaningful Civic Engagement for Retired Boomers

Successful Strategies and Challenges in Developing a Professionally Run Theater Group Among African American Older Adults in Low-Income Housing in an Urban Area

Mental Health

Addressing Opioid Misuse in Older Adults Through Healthcare and Community-Based Partnerships

Happiness: A Guiding Approach to Professional Self-Care and Working With Older Adults

Promoting Healthy Community and Living for Older Adults

Toward Trauma-Informed Care in the Skilled Nursing Facility: Lessons From an Elder Abuse Shelter

Understanding and Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Older Adults

Policy & Advocacy

From Research to Action: Engaging Diverse Partners in a Local Reframing Aging Campaign

Policy and Advocacy: Whose Job Is It to Look Out For Older Consumers?

Screen and Intervene: How Everyone Can Play a Role in Addressing Food Insecurity Among Older Adults

Religion, Spirituality & Meaning

Enhancing Spirituality of Older Adults Through "en Plein Air" Narrative Programs

Moral Injury and Older Adults: Implications for Spiritual Care

Purpose, Resilience and Peace: Shaping Older Adult Ministry Through Three Spiritual Themes

Technology & Innovation

Actionable Clinical Insights via AI-Powered Wearable Technology

Conversations for Caring: Spreading the Know-How and Strengthening the Network

Innovations in Nutrition: Restaurant-Based Congregate Dining

Keeping Loved Ones Safe: LA County's Approach to Wandering for Individuals With Dementia and Cognitive Impairments

Translating Data on Older Adults Into Public Health Action

Friday, March 27

Aging in Community

Are Older Adults a Force for Social Change or Standing in the Way of It?

Expanding Dementia Capability in an Adult Day Center: Implementation and Impact

Financial Security in Age-Friendly Cities: Progress and Best Practices From Across the Country

Grandfamilies Housing

More Than a Meal Process Expansion: Scaling Innovative Technology-Enabled Client Monitoring Services


Supporting Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Dementia Using Evidence-Based and Community Models of Care

Diversity & Cultures of Aging

Moving From Talk to Action: Planning Events That Welcome All Ages and Abilities

New Implementation of Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports and Its Impact on Limited-English-Proficiency Communities

Health, Wellness & Care Transitions

Addressing Sexual Health, Aging and HIV: Research, Program and Policy Perspectives and Solutions

Aging With HIV

Care Transitions and Post-Acute Care Utilization Among Older Adults With Chronic Disease in the Medicare Population

Promoting Holistic Bio-Hacking Strategies for Older Adults and Caregivers

Integrated Care Networks/Business Acumen

Healthcare's Approach to Increasing Access to Social Care: A Dialogue About Possible Implications

Mental Health

Loneliness as a Public Health Crisis: Innovative Strategies to Connect Seniors

Religion, Spirituality & Meaning

Living Alone With Dementia: The Faith Connection Project